She said “Yes”

When it comes to married couples I, honestly, care about only two stories.  The proposal story and the breakup story.  Not that I want couples to break up, but if they do I find the story fascinating.

Mark and I have break up stories, but not any since we’ve been married.  Which is probably more aptly called the divorce story.  Either way, we don’t have one.  However, we have one proposal story.  A proposal story that happened exactly one year ago today.  (Other cool things that happened on this day are Shelly’s birth, Lincoln’s assasination, and the Titanic striking an iceberg.)

I wanted to share our proposal story today.  How he completely surprised me by writing a song for me and singing to me in the Opryland Hotel gardens.  How he made that day absolutely perfect for me even though I was terrified that I wouldn’t have a proposal story because our wedding was little more than a month away and who bothers with fancy proposals when the entire wedding is planned, right?  How he bothered because I nagged him daily he knew how important it was to me.  How I got to eat pasta.  I love pasta.

Part of sharing that story was going to include showing you this picture…

We got married

We got married

Which was spray painted on that Palestinian barrier wall by this guy…
Dude in Palestine doing some graffiti for me.

Dude in Palestine doing some graffiti for me.

I ordered these pictures from a group that writes things on the barrier wall and your money is used for social and cultural groups in Palestine.  I don’t remember how I found their website, but I thought the picture would make cool Save the Date cards.  They didn’t.  So I thought I’d use them here to help tell our proposal story.

But first I had to find the pictures in my email.  Which meant I searched my email for the terms “Mark and Marie Getting Married”.  Where I stumble upon an email exchange between Mark and I about whether or not we’re ready to get married.  From March 2007.  We agree we aren’t ready, and I’m mad at him.  For agreeing.  Yeah.  I’m not real sure either.

And now I’m reading these emails and I’m getting re-mad.  Re-mad over emails from 2007 about whether he wants to marry me or not. 

Right now, I want so bad to call him.  And yell at him.  I want to be all “Why don’t you want to marry me?”  But I’m pretty sure he is going to be all “rational” and “sane” and say something like, “Marie, we are married.” 

Yeah. Like that makes it ok.

Anyways, happy Engage-aversary to us.  And happy birthday to Shelly.  And I’m sorry your dead, Mr. Lincoln.

Anyone want to share their proposal story?  Or the story of the time they got stupid mad over something that was completely irrelevant because they are crazy?  Please share.

8 thoughts on “She said “Yes”

  1. Michelle Powell says:

    If Lincoln weren’t dead we would need to start worrying. He’d be really old. Thanks for the B-day greeting.

    That would be kind of funny if he were still alive. Every time Pres. Obama compared himself to Lincoln, Lincoln could body slam him. Like a wrestler. I’m sad that because of a Mt. Dew commercial I think of Lincoln and the WWF at the same time. And welcome to the end of the Mid-Twenties 😀

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I remember when you got engaged. It was so sweet and totally perfect for you guys!!

    I think it’s hilarious that you got re-mad about emails from 2007. Sounds like something that I would do. Too funny. I have to agree with the response that you are already married. Try to forget about it. 🙂

    Thanks! Isn’t it crazy how our feelings are completely lacking in logic? Thankfully, I didn’t actually call him while I was mad and by the time we saw each other I was ok 😀

  3. Rebecca says:

    That site that you linked to is in a completely different language. Anyway. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you have break up stories. Sometimes I think you and Mark are just too cute through your entries. I mean, I know you write about fighting, but for some reason I never equate real relationships to work and gloss over the icky bits. For some reason, this post said to me, yeah, other women are just as crazy as you (sorry), other couples fight, and they have to work real hard too. So thanks 🙂

    Oh, you guys don’t speak multiple languages? My bad 😀

    You’re very welcome. It’s funny that this would be the post that would convey the realness of our fighting because I think it’s the first post I’ve ever written WHILE mad/crazy. So I guess my essence translated. Very cool. We are crazy (sometimes) and it is lots of work. And most of the time it’s worth it 😀

  4. Christy says:

    I’ve always “worried” about telling our proposal story – especially to future children. If it doesn’t sound romantic will they think we love each other less than those couples with dramatic stories? There was no bill board, no grand romantic gesture, no down on one kneed, no love poems or songs, there wasn’t even a ring. It was just a simple decision.

    My husband and I had been talking about getting married and then one day it hit me, we should get married on the anniversary of our second first date, (we had dated years before in college). The date was in the summer and fell on a Saturday – it couldn’t be more perfect. I told him about the date, and he agreed it was perfect and that we should begin planning our wedding. And that was it. We decided together. Then we went to a jeweler and designed our rings together. I suppose our story is really a story of partnership, and that is truly when we as a couple are at our best. I only hope those future children will realize the same. 🙂

    Christy, I think your proposal story is wonderful! My thing about stories is that (usually) you can learn so much about the personality of the couple through their proposal story. And I think you’re right on about yours being a story of partnership. Surprisingly, I think partnership is characteristic that MANY relationships lack so you guys are really blessed to have that kind of relationship. And designing your rings together? That’s awesome.

  5. jamievaron says:

    It’s weird how one things from the past can trigger all these crazy emotions that you forgot you had felt.

    I get that way when I hear certain songs and I’m like, WHY DOESN’T HE LOVE ME!? But then I realize that the song is from 1999 and I’m thinking about my high school crush.

    And I could give a damn about my high school crush. But, because of the stupid song, I suddenly care again.

    So, in essence, this is my roundabout way of saying, yes, I understand.

    You so get it 😀 I hate it when I smell cologne that The Guy I Used To Date wore because I feel like I’m 16 again and wondering “Does he like me??” I think it is absolutely insane how our feelings have the power to define reality if we let them.

  6. This post is SO cute. I tried really hard to think of a word other than “cute,” but I really couldn’t (and I love its cuteness, so it’s a compliment).

    I have three proposal stories AND a divorce story for you. 🙂 (The very first proposal didn’t amount to a wedding.) Don’t worry, I’m not going to share them all here. But I do want to say, that I’ve always been someone who loves and wants to nurture stories, like you. When my husband Jason and I decided to get married, though, we approached it very differently. We had both been married before, following elaborate, romantic proposals. We knew that having an impressive proposal story and impressive wedding does not necessarily make for an impressive marriage.

    Jason *did* propose to me, but it was just at home, after a nice dinner we had enjoyed cooking together. Very everyday, very real, very wrapped up in what we love about being together. (Then we called up our closest friends to share the news, and we all went out to sing wild karaoke together.)

    Kristin, I just love this. I really, really do. I think the part that I love the most is that you guys celebrated with your friends afterwards with karaoke. That’s just plain fun. And you’re so right about the impressive proposals/weddings do not always make for impressive marriages. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Honey, I yell and get mad at my girlfriend for stuff she does to me in my dreams! In my dreams! And when I tell her I’m mad (and why) and I yell, you know what she does?

    Tells me she’s sorry and gives me hugs and kisses.

    Gosh, I love her. 🙂

    Monica, this is so sweet! You guys get “cutest couple ever”. And I’m loving that you get mad at her for DREAMS! Hilarious!

  8. Oh, and Congrats on you engage-aversary!

    oh– I have an old HS boyfriend that wore this very popular cologne, so now every time I smell that cologne (all the time!!!) I wanna punch the guy wearing it or run and hide just in case it’s him.

    Thanks! And I’ve got the same problem with the cologne memories. Yours doesn’t happen to be Curve, does it? I smell that stuff all the time.

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