Focusing on The Crazy

Mark doesn’t read my blog.  I’m not sure why either.  But because he doesn’t read my blog I have to come home everyday and tell him what I’ve written about.  Last Tuesday was no different…

Marie:  I wrote about our Engage-aversary today.

Mark:  What’s an Engage-aversary?

Marie:  The day you proposed, doofus.  Anyways, it was really funny.  Because I started to get mad at you over emails that we wrote, like, 2 years ago, but I calmed myself down.  No worries.  AND!  Rebecca thinks we’re a cute couple.  Isn’t that awesome?

Mark:  (paying attention to something on t.v. that is so not my blog) Yeah… that’s great, Sweetie.

I’m not saying that he had to jump up and down with excitement over our Engage-aversary, or laugh hysterically about me going nuts over old emails, but I wanted a little bit of a reaction, ya know?  Is that really so much to ask?

Naturally, I spent the next half hour or so pouting.  Pouting because we weren’t this cute couple that I was painting us out to be on the Internetz.  We were boring.  Mark was mean. Our cuteness was only a figment of my imagination. 

An hour or so later I went back to talk to Mark.

Marie:  I’m shutting down my blog.

Mark:  What?! Why?

Marie:  Because it’s all lies.  Lies, lies, lies.  And I’ll have no part of it.

Mark:  What part of your blog is a lie?

Marie:  The part where people think we’re cute.  Or happy.  You know, the whole thing.

Mark:  We are happy!  And I don’t know if we’re cute, but you’re definitely cute.  What’s wrong? Did I do something?

I told him I was upset because he wasn’t paying attention to me when I talked to him.   He listened, admitted he was pretty distracted, apologized and we hugged it out. 

Afterwards, I realized that if Mark and I can keep finding common ground then the American political system can surely do the same.  They just have to quit focusing on the crazy.

Where on earth do I come up with this stuff??

Last week people all over the country got together for the Teaparty rallies.  I am not going to lie.  At first, I thought the participants were crazy extremist racists that, if they really had a problem with out of control government spending, should have been up in arms about George W. Bush’s administration.  My focus was on the mean-spirited protest signs that CNN highlighted and the craziness of buying millions of teabags for nothing. 

After a little more time, and lots of arguing discussion with Mark I realized that the Teabaggers have a valid point.  When I strip away my preconceived notions about them and their desire for secession, I can see that they’re worried that as a country we’re spending way too much money on a problem that can’t be fixed with spending.  We’re possibly jeopardizing our children’s futures.  Can we not, they are pleading, at least pause for a moment to really think about what we’re doing before we reach this level of national debt?

And I get that.  When I quit looking at them as being “crazy”, I get it.  Mark looks past my crazy (shutting my baby blog down on a whim) in order to get down to the real issues (I was feeling ignored), and I really truly believe the same is necessary when talking about politics.

Don’t let the crazy distract from the issues.

*** The Teabaggers are not the only example of political crazy.  Liberals get crazy about stuff, too, but this post was getting way too long. 

Exercise for the day:  Think of the craziest thing you’ve ever seen or heard in politics and do your darndest to find a part of it that makes sense.

7 thoughts on “Focusing on The Crazy

  1. lifelessons4u says:

    My hubby doesn’t read my blog either, but that is not why I do it. I may share some things with him, mostly not, but I don’t stress about it. You cannot make someone be interested in something they are not. I know this because of the amount of tv shows I will sit and watch with hubby that I never had any interest in watching, and I still don’t. But I sit and watch to be close to him. And sometimes he’ll watch chick flicks with me. You and your mate are not carbon copies. The “cute couple” thing will probably come to an end. No one has the perfect marriage. Marriage takes a lot of work. You may be in the “honeymoon phase” right now. Enjoy it. There will be things that come up that you cannot forsee that will cause conflict. Work through them. I do understand why the divorce rate is so high. There’s been times I felt like bailing out. Write your blog for you and your readers. They want the truth of your relationship as it unfolds day by day. Takr care, A.

    A, thanks for the comment! Yeah, I’m not too worried about Mark not reading my blog. And I am definitely learning that all relationships demand sacrifice, ESPECIALLY in the area of “What movie will we watch?” 😀

    And where is your blog? I’d love to check it out!

  2. Rebecca says:

    So, I’m pretty sure I’m always the first one to read your post, but I always try to let it sit a little bit so I’m not the first commenter every. single. time. 🙂

    Anyway, this is SO Ryan and I. Or mainly me, because I am definitely the crazy one in our relationship. I tell him that he should read your blog because then he would understand me better… ha!

    I do feel that the fact that we can find common ground (eventually) and are good at communicating (at the end of the day) helps make us work. Especially when we’re both incredibly busy right now.

    And I love how you tied this back to politics and finding common ground. I often think that if we could all learn that we just have different opinions, but those opinions are all valid and then could engage in intelligent dialogue, the world would be a much better place. Or as someone much smarter than me once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

    Great post, as usual.

    I honestly think that one of the reasons that I adore you is that something told me that we were very similar in the crazy department. We’re worth putting up with the crazy, but we’re still crazy 😀

    And that’s exactly what I mean, “Can’t we all just get along?” I really think we could if we’d try.

  3. lifelessons4u says:

    Thanks for asking. My blog is named Life Lessons and you can find it here: I’d love for you to visit. Take care, A.

  4. Rebekah says:

    I’m glad that you came to the conclusion that the Tea partiers aren’t crazy. I wanted to go, but it was my understanding that the parties were not aimed at any particular political party, but at government spending overall. I actually didn’t see any news coverage. I agree that both sides get crazy, which is why I’m moving to Australia. Just kidding…my therapy license wouldn’t transfer. 🙂

    Rebekah, I’m so glad you commented. I had seen on your FB status that you wanted to attend and I was so worried I’d offend you with this post. From what I’ve learned about the Tea Parties it wasn’t about party it was about spending and a general protest against big government. And the only coverage I saw was on the internet and the stuff Mark pulled up online to show me how biased CNN was (which I will admit that there was one CNN news lady that seemed to lose the ability to be objective). Most of the coverage I saw talked about how crazy the Tea Parties were which wasn’t fair because there was a good discussion to be had if we’d quit looking at only the extremist viewpoints.

    Australia seems like a great idea. I’d go regardless of the therapy license 😀

  5. In terms of a relationships : men suck sometimes and women are nearly always crazy.

    Afterwards, I realized that if Mark and I can keep finding common ground then the American political system can surely do the same. They just have to quit focusing on the crazy.

    Was the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time (or since I read your last post, more like it)

    You and Mark still get the “cutest couple ever” award because after he was mean and distracted, he figured out that he messed up and apologized. Which is awesome and exactly what he was supposed to do.

    And it’s ok that you’re a bit crazy (you’re a girl, you’re entitled)

    Yes, Mark can be really great about figuring out what is wrong and apologizing. If only our great communication skills could transfer over to our political discussions…

    And I have got to know: With you and your girlfriend, is one crazier than the other? Is it just double crazy because there are two women? I hope to goodness I’m not being offensive, but I’m super curious about the dynamics of your relationship.

  6. HA! HA! You aren’t offensive at all, we are internet friends right?

    We are both completely insane. Seriously. But in completely different ways. So it’s hard to say that one is crazier than the other because she would surely say that I’m crazier and I’m convinced that she’s crazier.

    The only reason that we are both still alive (and together) is that when the crazy passes we can talk and apologize, and figure out how to make each other less crazy 🙂 And we are both aware that we are being crazy as it is happening… (its like the train wreck that you can’t stop) so when it passes we can be really objective about our thoughts and feelings.

    We ARE internet friends. That’s so cool 😀

    And you’re so right on about the key being that you can talk later. Don’t try to fight the crazy. Just let it happen and clean up the mess afterwards. Love the train wreck analogy, btw.

  7. […] believe that I’d ever get crazy mad.  Because I’m adorable and all.  And when I write about being crazy, I usually do my best to put my most adorable foot […]

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