BFFs: Mark and My Mom

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but it happened.  I have been dethroned as my mom’s “favorite child”. 

My mom is probably having a fit that I just called myself her “favorite child”.  She is yelling at the computer right now:  “But that’s not true!  I don’t have a favorite, Marie! Stop saying that!”

Mom, it’s ok.  I’m your favorite.  Bobby and Melissa are fine with it.  Chill out.

Except that I’m not the favorite anymore.  I’d love to say I was dethroned because Bobby has a job now and can give her spending money for her trips to the Philippines.  Or because her and Melissa have suddenly bonded over the Book of Esther.  I would love to say either of these things, but I can’t.

Because I’ve been pushed aside for… Mark.  And I have no. clue. why.

Mark and my mom have always gotten along ok, but becoming BFF’s was just not in their future for lots of reasons.  If anything, I was kind of worried that after Mark and I got married their relationship would go horribly south.  That something would happen to offend one of them and it would result in World War III. 

But things didn’t go south.  Unless by “going south” you mean traveling down to Florida to enjoy an all expense paid trip to Disney World.  Because that’s a pretty fair description of Mark and my mom’s relationship, a free trip to Disney World.

It started at Christmas when, out of no where, she pulled me aside to let me know how blessed I was to have a husband like Mark.  And that I should treat him better.  And maybe feed him a bit more.  He was looking skinny.

I attributed her silliness (FYI, I treat Mark wonderfully) to having a little too much eggnog and didn’t think much about it.  Except that, before I knew it she was calling to check in on Mark.  Asking what he’d like to eat for Sunday lunch. Was literally gushing when they showed up wearing the same colors on Easter.  Where she demanded someone take their picture.  Just the two of them.

Mark and my mom... Best Friends Forever!


And right when I thought it couldn’t get weirder…

Mom:  What are we doing for Mark’s birthday?
Marie:  I guess we’ll go to dinner and I’ll get him a cake.  Why?
Mom:  Well… I don’t know.  I was thinking we should have a cook out.  At the lake.
Marie:  You mean like plan a party for him?
Mom:  Yeah!  And I’ll take care of the cake, don’t you worry about it.
Marie:  But we haven’t a had a birthday party for anyone in, like, years… what’s the deal?
Mom:  Yeah, but, ya know, it’s Mark’s birthday…

Of course.  Mark’s birthday.  How could I treat such a holiday so lightly?

I hope Mark is enjoying his time as my mom’s “favorite”.  Because it won’t last long.  Not if my smear campaign has anything to say about it…

The Favorite Child WILL rise again.

Do your parents like your significant other more than they like you? What rumors should I include in my smear campaign?  What tips do you have for those who don’t get along with the S.O.’s parents?

8 thoughts on “BFFs: Mark and My Mom

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ha, my mom loves Ryan too. I’ll write an email to her in frustration after one of our fights and I might append to the end, “But I know he’s a good guy.”

    And she’ll reply, “Yes, he is a good guy.” That’s it. Nothing about the rest of my email. Just “he’s a good guy.” Like, don’t mess this up, girlie. Hmph!

    Ha, I get that same underlying message of “don’t mess this up”. As much as it grates me (I really wanted a birthday party, too, darnit) it is a really good sign that our moms can a) see that they’re good guys and b) remind us of this fact.

  2. lifelessons4u says:

    Haha. Cute story. I haven’t had that problem. Smear campaign. hmmm. Just wait. Whenever he does something to piss you off or upset you just tell your mom. That will knock him out of the “favorite status.” That’s what I did. But my mom was my teacher. She used to complain about my dad to me. Yes, they are still married. Seriously, your mom doesn’t want to see you upset, pissed off or hurt for any reason. So keep that in mind. Eventually venting to her about your marriage will have an effect on her. It’s only natural. She’ll just act nice around him because you’re married to him. So, if you don’t want her to start feeling negatively towards him then you’re going to have to watch what information you share with her about your marriage. Hope this helps. Take care, A.

    A, you’re so right about being careful how you vent. I know she adores him, but I’m still her baby. I’m not for “hiding” our relationship problems, especially from my mom, but I do need to be careful about how I paint him out to be. So I guess the smear campaign is called off. Darn. And I had some good rumors lined up… 🙂

  3. Hilarious! I’m pretty sure Jason is my mom’s favorite, but it’s OK because I’m his mom’s favorite. (I’m just not sure it’s OK with our unmarried siblings who don’t have in-laws to turn to for love!)

    Now, that’s a nice set up. I have a plan that as soon as Mark’s parents move back to the States (they’re missionaries right now) I’m going to become their favorite whether they like it or not. I’m even willing to pay good money for the favorite status 😀 His mom just started reading my blog (“Hi, Mom!”) and commenting (her name is Connie), so everyone can expect tons of posts on how awesome she is in the near future 😀

  4. Connie Oates says:

    Hi Marie, Well just so we are clear on who is my favorite, you get to save your money you already hold the title in my heart. You married my favorite son, Oh gee I only have one, no problem he is the baby so that makes him …. yuck did I really say that, don’t tell Mark. As for your Mom and Mark it does my heart good to know they get along so well he needs a Mom he can hug. One day I will share Mark’s long distance hug story with you.
    And the fact Linda wants to do a Birthday party is wonderful, only wish I could be there to enjoy the fun, give him a hug for me!!!

    I’m excited that this is going to be cheaper than previously budgeted for! And OF COURSE I will give him lots of hugs for you 😀

  5. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    My baby sister is the favorite of me and my siblings. My brother is now competing for that title since he gave my parents the first grandchild. I tell my mom all the time that my sister is the favorite. Oh she gets so mad!! (I find it funny, actually.)

    I actually snuck an ornament on my parent’s Christmas tree 2 years ago that says “My favorite child” with a place to write in a name. So I wrote in my sister’s name and hung it on the tree while they were in the other room. LOL! Still makes me laugh. Ohh, when my parents found it they were so mad!! They act like your mom and say they don’t have a favorite. Liars.

    My mom calls my sister like 3 times a day and texts her nonstop. No joke. Ask my sister. Courtney calls me to complain about it. I just laugh and say…yeah, it sucks being the favorite doesn’t it. LOL! I enjoy my least favorite child status. Seriously, I really do! I talk to my mom a couple of times a week, after I pick up the phone to call her. It’s pretty great actually. 🙂

    However – I am my grandparents favorite. LOL! They’ve even told me that I am. ha ha! I’m not suppose to tell anyone though. So shh!

    I know I’m not a parent, so MAYBE they are right that they don’t have “favorites”… but I highly doubt it. My mom has her favorites for different things. Bobby is the favorite for being the most “obedient” and most likely to do whatever she asked. Melissa is her favorite because she’s the baby so she just wins because of that. And I’m her favorite in general because we can be so much alike.

    And I think being the grandparent favorite is the best scenario… they have more disposable income to spoil you with 😀

  6. K says:

    I am the youngest of four biological children. (There are also one long-term foster child and two adoptive children in our family.) My husband told me, years after our wedding, that my dad pulled him aside when we were engaged and told him that I was his favorite, and he should take good care of me because I was extra-special (or something like that). I thought that was kind of strange, really, and wasn’t sure whether my husband was teasing me or if it really happened. But hubby swears it did. Did Dad mean special, like special-ed?!?

    I love my dad, but the whole thing made me feel a little sick. I don’t want to think that parents have favorites!

    Ha! ‘Special like special-ed’ – love it. Well, if your parents do have favorites at least you know you’re it 😀 I’m just kidding. I’m guessing that means that you don’t have favorites with your kids, huh? Darn, that messes up my theory that ALL parents have favorites. I’m going to have to come up with something else to torture my sister with… 🙂

  7. Monica says:

    Gosh. My mother loves all my partners more than me, and at some point in the relationship she gives me the “They are so wonderful you better make it last” lecture. Then when the relationship falls apart, its all my fault and she pouts.

    My high school boyfriend (the one with the cologne) When she sees him around town… SHE CRIES and tells him how much she misses him. AND I HATE HIM.

    But your mom and Mark are cute. I love that she wanted that picture made.

    The image of you kicking him as your mom begs him to come back has me laughing! As much as it kinda bothers me, I kinda love that my mom loves Mark. It makes life so much easier, don’t you think??

  8. Monica says:

    @ Marie: It totally makes life easier for you. Breathe a sigh of relief.

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