Productive Use of Emotion

The other day my post about wishing I hadn’t done well in school ended up on the front page of Brazen Careerist. I found this out when I got an email saying that JRandom42 had made a comment.

I think I stopped breathing for a little bit.

I’ve been around Brazen long enough to know that I’m way too sensitive to get comments from JRandom42. I’m sure he is a wonderful, wise, and brilliant man, but I really did not feel like getting a comment that could possibly hurt my feelings.

Sure enough, he pointed out that my spunk was lost because I just wanted someone to tell me what to do and that the loss of spunk was my fault. I’m not going to lie. I wanted to cry. Yes, I was being whiny. Yes, I’m responsible for the loss of spunk. And yes, crying over comments from people on the internet would be really, really stupid.

Before I unleashed the floodgates, I tried my very best to hear what was true in what JRandom42 and many other commenters were saying. I did have spunk. I could reclaim it. Just because I spent 20 years ignoring my spunk did not mean I had to spend the next 20 years spunkless.

I sorted through the logic of it all, but what was I going to do about these emotions? These yucky emotions that caused me to want to cry and pout and stomp my feet.

I’m a firm believer that emotions are what cause movement in our lives. It’s why entrepreneurs are always screaming about passion. Passion is an emotion. Emotions cause movement. Passion is just the emotion everyone wants to have because it feels good. We could just as easily create movement in our life based on happiness, pain, or anger. The only thing ignoring emotions does is cause you to stop moving.

So what could I do with this frustration? This anger of being called out for being spunkless by choice?

I could sign up for a bridal show.


Elegance Bridal Gala (click here)

This whole “start my own practice” thing has left me feeling clueless for nearly a year. Private practices are hard because there are so many ways you’re not supposed to advertise or market yourself. Then throw in the fact that I’m only a temporarily licensed therapist and it’s a ton more confusing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched Google for “how to start a private practice” and not been helped at all. I wanted a checklist, a manual, a guide, anything that would tell me how to do this the “right” way.

But there is no guide. No one was going to hand me a syllabus. I was going to have to be “spunky” whether I liked it or not. So I finally grew a pair and asked my supervisor if this was a legit way to meet potential clients. I was ready for a resounding “no”. I mean, no other therapists do it, so it has to be wrong on some level, right?

Except it isn’t. It’s completely legit as long as I’m careful about what I say I am (no leading anyone on that I have my license).

So THANK YOU to all the commenters here and at Brazen that told me to draw my own lines and reclaim my spunk.

I did.

And I feel freakin’ fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Productive Use of Emotion

  1. Susan says:

    Your website looks great!


  2. Linda says:

    I agree with Susan! It looks great!


  3. lizam2m says:

    You doing that show? I’m doing that show! Our booths should be next to each other.

    I am! I saw that this weekend! Very cool. And my booth is #14… where are you?

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