Take 49

Well, we finally finished Episode 2 of the Gen Y and Boomer Conversation series. There were many, many takes.  And Susan is a total diva.  Yelling at dogs and shushing the kids (not in this take obviously).  I’ll need a bigger contract to work with her again.

(It was a joke.  She is so NOT a diva.  Except with the dogs.  Check out the last 5 seconds.)

Check out our convo about failing, hand holding & competition.

2 thoughts on “Take 49

  1. I really enjoyed your newest installment of Gen Y & Boomer conversation. It coincides with an article I read about helicoptering moms who hover over their children to make sure everything always runs smoothly and everything turns out fair. It’s hard to watch your kids make mistakes, but it’s important to encourage them to take risks (risks that don’t involve knives or jumping off of rooftops) to gain confidence and learn to deal with disappointment. Good job, ladies!

    Debbie, I can’t believe we didn’t talk about the helicopter parents! That style of parenting has definitely hindered the ultimate growing up of many kids. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. lizam2m says:

    LOVE the coffee mug touch. Very relevant conversation. There’s a great book called “Failing Forward.” I forget the author. I also remember reading an article in Time (or maybe Newsweek) about our generation and how we’re staying at home longer, taking longer to get married and have babies and changing careers like crazy. The lame-o writer nicknamed our generation the “Twixters” – as in, we’re betwixed childhood and adulthood.

    Ha, thanks! Susan is good about details like that. And when I was in grad school we talked about the different stages of development and because we were taking so long to truly grow up they had ADDED a stage “Post-adolescence”, like you said not quite a kid, not quite an adult. And I’m very interested in this book, I’ll have to check it out.

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