Domesticate Me: The Dishes

I was going to write about my experience with The Shred, but my whole body is aching.  Even my fingers.  So that will have to wait, and we’re just going to move right on to a Domesticate Me video.  Because you love them so.  Right? 

Of course you do.

How do you do dishes when you don’t have a dishwasher?  The last time I was in this predicament was when I lived in a dorm and all I had to do was eat the same meal (microwavable mac ‘n cheese) out of the same bowl every. single. day.  I don’t think that plan will fly anymore.

And my second question, do you think there is a way to train cats to do dishes? 

Let me know your thoughts.

Internet References:  Elisa Doucette from Ophelia’s Webb reminded me of this troubling form of water torture.  Thanks so much!  And HUGE sorries if I didn’t say your name correctly.  Need to start making more Internet friends with Kim’s and Jill’s.  Names I can’t screw up.

Oh, and there is a point where I say “don’t hate me” because I moved from my dad’s place to my husband’s place.  I don’t mean that in a “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”, I mean it in a “some people are passionately opposed to living with your parents after you’re an “adult” and don’t hate me because I did.  And liked it” kind of way.  That is all.

11 thoughts on “Domesticate Me: The Dishes

  1. Michelle says:

    Come watch my mom, she has a dishwaher but still washes by hand because she doesn’t think the dishwahser gets the dishes clean enough.

    Do you think she would sell us her dishwasher? How about coming by to do our dishes, too? No deal? Darn.

  2. Elisa says:

    Ha, that cat just about made my night! If you can teach it the art of dishwashing, I think you may have found a cash-cat!

    Sadly (seriously, really sad!) I have a dishwasher and STILL hate dishes. That being said, when I didn’t have a dishwasher I had a very high tech method. I either did dishes IMMEDIATELY after dirtying them (best case scenario) or left them for three days til fruit flies appeared and it was necessary.

    A couple things I ended up doing to make my situation more A and less B though. First off, dishwands are gifts from sweet Jesus (–_-scotch%20brite%20dish%20wand) Secondly, find a detergent that smells nice and gives you incentive (I feel this was about all things Seventh Generation – makes cleaning enjoyable!) And finally, a squishy floor mat to stand on. It’s like a mini-foot massage reward for doing dishes!

    That was pure luck that Omi started pawing at the drain right when I said she was the only one willing to get dirty. I keep telling her that she is going to be famous soon…

    And can I just say I am loving the suggestions! Seriously. You almost made doing the dishes sound like a spa package… yummy smells, a foot rub, AND a “magic wand”. I actually almost want to do the dishes!

  3. Akirah says:

    I don’t hate you. That’s great that you enjoyed living at home. I’m probably gonna hafta go back home when my lease ends and I’m kinda upset about it. Not because I hate my parents or because I have pride, but because they live about 40 minutes away. It’s going to be such a hassle to commute back and forth.

    But you gotta do what you gotta do.

    I wish I had an answer to your question. Maybe we can hire elves to do our dishes. They could probably use some work in the off season.

    Yeah, I hate the debate that sometimes happens on The Internet about how wrong it is to move in with your parents. Honestly, I really don’t think it was that bad or that I’m any less of a grown up for it. Except that I, apparently, hate all things housework. But would moving out really have changed that? I think not. And you’re right, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

    HA! Hiring elves would be pretty awesome. Anything to create jobs, right? Love it.

  4. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that I have a dishwasher and never use it – I actually enjoy doing dishes by hand because you can see immediate results. Yes, Marie, I know I am weird, but I do have redeeming social value. But I digress…

    At the first part of the video, I got a look at your layout. So we are going to do the assembly line method…

    Facing your sink, first stack your dirty dishes on the counter on the left side of the sink (rinse any really nasty ones first before stacking). On the right hand counter put a dish rack for holding the clean dishes to let them drip dry – if you don’t have one you can get one at Wal-Mart for cheap.

    Now, if you have not done this already, get the cat out of the sink and fill the left hand sink with hot water and add your detergent – I like Seventh Generation (lavender scent is very therapeutic) or the new environmentally friendly Dawn is good because it cuts grease well. To protect your lovely hands you could use rubber gloves or just have hand lotion available after you are done – your choice.

    Next we start to wash the dishes with scrubber of your choice – use something easy to rinse or else bacteria will grow and your kitchen will smell like a petri dish. The order of washing is important. Start with the glassware, then the silverware, then the dishes. Do the pots and pans last. After you wash each item rinse them off under the faucet in the right hand sink then stack them in the dish rack.

    I like the squishy floor mat idea and if your husband won’t help with the dishes he can at least massage your shoulders while you are doing them to add to the spa experience – or you can get him to dry them and put them away.

    The next thing we need to do is ween you of fast food. So rent “Supersize Me” and that should do the trick.

    Dr. John

    I swear I adore you. I really do. I laugh everytime I think about “if you have not done this already, get the cat out of the sink”. Still laughing. 😀 And you wash dishes like Mark and my dad, all methodical and whatnot. I wonder if this is a man thing. Great advice, thanks! (Especially the shoulder massage part!)

    • I adore you, too. You know how much I look forward to each “Domesticate Me” episode. You and Mark remind me of Maureen and I were first starting out. We had both been on our own for awhile before we were married so we were both pretty domesticated. While Secret Agent CT’s plan to “have your husband do all the housework” is an option, we found that sharing the chores actually made them go faster. Maureen did the laundry, the ironing, and the vacuuming; I did the kitchen floor, the bathrooms, the dusting, and the routine yard work and most of the grocery shopping. We shared the cooking and the dishes. However, one day after the kids left home, Maureen said “a woman only has so many eggs and meals in her and when she’s done, she’s done.” Maureen said she was done – so I took over the cooking.

      And I am not so sure that the production line method of dishes is as much a guy thing as it is an MBTI style preference thing. And if you are not using the MBTI as part of your Nashville Marriage Studio for couples before they get married, I would encourage you to think about that.

      In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to the next episode – maybe the ever-dreaded bathroom cleaning assignment.

      Dr John

      • Secret Agent "CT" says:

        Dr. John – If you only knew me, you would realize how much I am kidding. My husband would in no way do all of the household chores. (Not because I wouldn’t ask him to do them all, because he just would laugh in my face.) I wish that I could say that they are evenly divided between us. However, that would just be a lie. He thinks shopping of any kind would kill him. He does however take care of most things located outside. He LOVES to be outside, so this isn’t really a chore to him. He also takes care of cleaning the floors. He isn’t excited about that but that’s a whole different story… It begins about a month into our marriage and him telling me that I don’t know how to clean the floors. This was after I spent the day attempting to be a “stepford” wife and cleaning EVERYTHING. I was livid and told him that he was right. I don’t know how to clean the floors and that it would now be up to him to keep them clean from now on. I seriously have not cleaned them since. I do lots of the other chores though.

  5. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I say boo to all of the comments above. I know that I am trying to get you to be all “green” but if I didn’t have a dishwasher, there would only be 2 options to me.

    Option #1 – Husband does ALL the dirty dishes.

    Option #2 – Buy all disposable plates, “silverware”, and solo cups! After eating, throw them away! No need to even get close to the sink with this option. Yes, I would be killing the earth single handedly but really…

    HA! I have so been waiting for the “make your husband do all the housework” answer FOREVER! Thank you so much for providing it 😀 You kill me. And as long as I recylce, I’m good, right?

    • Secret Agent “CT” – Of course, I knew you were kidding and that your comment was meant in good fun – Sometimes I take myself WAY too seriously! Sounds like you and your husband have a good division of chores. I love the story about cleaning the floors. My wife thought she did a better job of vacuuming – truth is that she did – the carpet looked so neat you really didn’t want to walk on it! Anyway, I enjoy your comments whenever Marie puts out a new episode. Best wishes!

  6. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Yes exactly! 🙂 LOL

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