Domesticate Me: Shopping

I wear contacts.  I love my contacts because for most of my waking hours I believe that there is nothing wrong with my eyes and that I have naturally perfect vision.  The same way I have naturally perfect teeth

The contacts do such a great job of convincing me that my vision is perfect that I forget I wear them.  This is great except for the fact that sometimes remembering that I wear contacts would be a good thing.  Like when I’m at the store.  And I need to buy contact solution.  For the contacts that I never remember I wear.

It never fails.  I put my contacts in and use a bottle of contact solution that wheezes when I squeeze it because it is so empty.  I think, “Remember to buy contact solution when you go to the store”.  I go to the store and the only thing I remember to do is pick up Doritos and to sneak a peek at the latest US Weekly. 

And then I return home to an empty bottle of contact solution.  Every. single. time.

I assumed that short of vision correcting surgery this would be something I would suffer with  forever.  Except I didn’t know that I’d meet Alice.  Alice Dot Com.

So, this Domesticate Me video is actually ME giving YOU advice.  Because I believe in returning favors.  You’re welcome.

Internet References:  Well, it’s pretty much just where you can buy pretty much any household good for VERY competitive prices and free shipping.  I’m not sure if this deal can get any better.  I really don’t.

5 thoughts on “Domesticate Me: Shopping

  1. I do the same thing with TP. I am *always* running out. Sad but true: I run out of facial tissue also (an expensive replacement) because I run out of TP so often. I placed my first order yesterday with and I love their reminder service so I’ll hopefully be over this TP avoidance issue I experience. LOL I’m stoked! From what I hear they use very little packaging, which is a big plus for me, an eco-nerd.

    PS- Your blog makes my work day so much better. Thank you for posting so regularly. Your crazy idiosyncrasies remind me that my crazy idiosyncrasies are what make each of us our own, beautiful person. 🙂

    Desiree Kane

    Thanks for commenting! And how funny about using facial tissue… your bottom must LOVE you 😀 And thanks for the comment about posting regularly, and I think you’ve pinned down exactly why I write these stupid posts: To remind myself and anyone that reads that we’re all crazy/beautiful and this is a good thing.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, hun! And we’re working on the kitty litter 🙂

    Mark and I got our Alice package on Friday and it’s a great service even without kitty litter!

  3. Elisa says:

    I am already so obsessed with, I think friends my friends are sick of me hawking it constantly to them in the short time the site has been live. Yet, I will continue hawking for awhile to come!

    We’re such groupies 😀

  4. Leandra says:

    Hey hey! Thank you for this.

    Your former roommate’s shopping technique is amazing, but not my gift. It’s not happening anytime soon. But I will definitely be checking out a bit more frequently. 🙂

    It’s awesome. You’ll love it. And you’re very welcome 😀

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