The Unabridged Bride: A workshop GIVEAWAY

I just finished my first Bound Together workshop, and now I’m on to #2 for the summer.  It’s like I just can’t get enough.

This one is the Unabridged Bride and is the brain child of me and Liza of Maiden to Married.  But I’m more like the guy parent because I’ve just kinda stood next to her as she did all the hard work.  But whenever one of you says, “Aww, what a cute workshop!” I’m so going to be all “I know!  It looks just like me, huh?”

And then Liza’s going to slap me upside the head.  And I’ll be in sleeping on the couch for, like, a week.  Gosh.  I think we need counseling.  Or transition coaching.  Both of which you will get a taste of at The Unabridged Bride: A Workshop!  Like that segue, don’t you?

Anyways, check out the info below and then head over to her blog and read the answer(s) that are coming in.  I love The Thirty-Something Bride AND her comment.  Great word.


Brides, get excited about this fun and amazing giveaway!

What are we giving away, you ask?

All this has a value of over $350!

Now the big question! How do you win?!!

Just tell us one word you would use to describe the wedding experience you’re dreaming of and why.

You can submit that to one of two places:

1. At Liza’s blog Maiden to Married for all to see by leaving a comment on this post
2. In private to

We’ll post the winner on Sunday, July 12th!

Have fun and good luck!

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