Like a rock

When Mark told me about the opportunity to become a rock climbing guide with Becknology, a great rock climbing company in Nashville, so many questions ran through my head…

You want to climb a rock?

You can get paid for climbing rocks?

Like real money?

You’re going to get paid real money doing something you love?

None of it made lots of sense in my head.  Work is supposed to just be work.  No one ever really enjoys it, right?  Ok, there are some weirdos out there, but for the most part we’re all supposed to hate our jobs.

After processing the confusion (Seriously, you’re going to get paid in real money?  You’re sure?  Because we can’t pay for McDonald’s with pebbles. But I guess we could try…).

And the jealousy (So your ‘job’ is going to be going outside taking people on exciting excursions? I hate you.).

I was thrilled (Matthew McConaughey.  Will you look like him soon? Pleasesayyes, pleasesayyes.).

Ok, that’s not what I was the most excited about.  I was really excited because my husband has one of the most fearless and courageous spirits I’ve ever encountered.  There is nothing he won’t try, nothing he isn’t curious to learn more about.  It’s this trait that won my heart.  And all of a sudden that spirit inside of him was being valued by others.

I’m just so proud of him.  I’m proud of the kind of people he has chosen to surround himself with.  I’m proud that every single day he gets to simply be who he is and that we get to pay bills because of it.  I’m proud that I’m married to a man.  A man that isn’t afraid to “look” different.  Who isn’t afraid to take risks.  Who isn’t afraid to be himself.  Who isn’t afraid to listen to the God we pray to every morning.

On Monday I took the day off for what I called “Take Your Wife To Work Day”.  The idea was that I’d possibly try this rock climbing thing.  But I didn’t, but that’s because I’m morally opposed to objectifying rocks for my entertainment.  Rocks are people too, you know.

But that’s a story for tomorrow another day.  Today I just want to celebrate how grateful I am to be married to a man that is fully engaged with life.
And, for your viewing pleasure, here is Mark at the top…


of this…


which is like 80 feet above sanity.

I hope my heart can handle this.

One thought on “Like a rock

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    That’s great that Mark will be getting paid to do something he loves. I like my job (normally, I’d say that I love it…) but this is a true love of your job. It’d be like us getting paid to eat at McDonald’s everyday and them paying us to tell everyone how much we just love McDonald’s. Wow! (I just thought that if we landed that eating McDonald’s job, our waistlines would be non-existant.)

    Anyway – congrats to Mark!! Awesome!

    Thanks! It is awesome, but NOT as awesome as this job you speak of… taste testing for McD’s? I like.

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