Annoying Husband Behavior #2

Forever ago I talked about Mark’s annoying habit of being a pack rat.  I kinda thought this would become a series which is why I called it “Annoying Husband Behavior #1“.  I was expecting lots of annoying behavior and that I’d be at, like, #212 by now.

But I’m not.

Which is why Annoying Husband Behavior #2 is…

Mark being freakin’ perfect!

Trust me, this isn’t about to turn into one of those “I love my husband so much I could die” posts. 

No.  This “perfection” is annoying because it happens at the most inopportune times.

Like he’s been watching Fox News for 30 hours straight and I’m getting mad hearing about whether or not President Obama is an American or not, but dangit, he just did the laundry.  AND tried to fold my underwear the way I like.

Or I’m going through papers that he insists on keeping because they’re important but they’re really just packing slips from shoes that he ordered LAST CENTURY and I’m getting highly irritated because WE DON’T NEED THIS CRAP and then I come across the handwritten lyrics of the song he wrote and proposed to me with.  The next thing I know I’m crying and asking God how I got so lucky.

Or when he discovers and decides to “help” me spend my spoils and I’m getting annoyed because since when did we need 8 bottles of Axe body wash? when he looks up from the computer and says, “I added some Midol for you for, you know, that time of the month” and I’m all weepy because HE CARES.  He really cares.

My point is that while I appreciate his perfect moments he so needs to work on his timing.

8 thoughts on “Annoying Husband Behavior #2

  1. Chelsea says:

    You fold your underwear?

    I sure do! Well, kind of. I have this drawer organizer thing, so I roll up my underwear in my special way and stuff them in the little divider things. So, um, yeah. I keep my underwear organized and pretty much nothing else! 😀

  2. Rebekah says:

    Seriously? You fold your underwear?

    Seriously. 😀 Ha.

  3. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I fold my underwear and like it to be done a certain way. I even fold Thomas’s underwear and in a particular way. I thought everyone did that.

    I think it’s sweet that Mark tried to fold it the way you like. 🙂

    We are such twins. I heart you 🙂

  4. Connie says:

    Mark has the annoying habit of timing things just right, and this can be so annoying when you want to be put out with him. The fact he is folding your underware is amazing to me, Gary would just toss it all in his basket and sort it out as needed. One time I left him alone for a whole month when I went to visit my Mom before she died. When I came back the house was clean but you would not believe the stack of dirty laundry, a whole months worth, fold it girl he did not even wash it. I guess it was great he had sufficient undies to last him the whole month.

    He does have a way of not letting you ever get TOO mad at him. Is the story of him singing “You are so beautiful” to you while he was getting in trouble true? If so, he hasn’t changed A BIT!

    And I have to say that I’m impressed with Gary’s ability to survive without doing laundry… I’d LOVE to learn his secret 😀

  5. Connie says:

    The story is true, he has always has a way of getting you over being mad with him. Gary’s secret is lots of clothes and a wife who let’s him get away with leaving some things for me, yuck!!!! At least I don’t have to cook much, he is easy to please when it comes to food and I am not a cook, sad to say.

  6. opheliaswebb says:

    Haha, I’m working on my appreciation post for Sam and I’m writing about how men and women show and accept appreciation from each other and the overwhelming sentiment from guys is that they try to be caring and nice and show appreciation by doing these types of things but as girls we tend to not appreciate the actions in kind.

    One of my guy friends concluded that rather than being sweet and thoughtful, he just buys girls flowers and shiny things and they seem to really like that!

    I agree, girls are wonderful at manipulating kindness! I can’t wait to read your appreciation post!

  7. Raven says:

    I fold my underwear – it makes me think I’m really organized.

    Amen!!! For me it’s the ONLY organized part of my life.

  8. I love this post! So funny, and such a true description of human nature and relationships.

    Since my husband and I were both married before, we like to think we learned a lot about living with someone and were able to work out a lot of the kinks before we met. (Not that I’m recommending a “starter marriage,” in ANY way!)

    I think making it work is a combination of letting go of a lot of things that might otherwise get under your skin (like someone’s tendency to keep unnecessary packing slips), and being more attentive and aware of small details about the other person (like how they fold their underwear). It sounds like you and Mark are getting that balance down!

    For me, the fact that my new husband Jason is a *fabulous* cook pretty much trumps any annoying habit he has.

    I’m with you, I don’t believe in “starter marriages”. HOWEVER, I think what Mark learned in his first marriage has helped to make him an overall amazing husband. So while I hate that he went through the whole thing, I’m not going to deny it’s ability to be a teaching tool if you let it.

    Ha, and I wish everyday that one of us had been gifted with the fabulous cook gene.

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