Nala’s going to Hollywood

Me:  Melissa, check this out…

Melissa:  What?

Me:  When I google “cat superhero”…

Melissa:  Why would you google that?

Me:  Nala is on the THIRD PAGE of an image search! 

Melissa:  You’re messed up.

MeIf you look up “cat superhero” in the dictionary Nala’s picture would be there!

Melissa:  I can’t believe we’re related…

Yes, and not only are you related to me, but you’re also related to A CAT SUPERHERO!  Just try to contain the excitement.

One thought on “Nala’s going to Hollywood

  1. Crystal says:

    Yeah, so I had to look. Ha! Looks like Nala is famous!

    I know, right?? I think it’s one of my proudest accomplishments.

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