Annoying Husband Behavior #3

Annoying Husband Behavior #3 – Agreeing with me…

Me:  Oh, Mark, look at this picture of Nala… look at how LITTLE he was!

Photo 84

Just a baby!

Mark: (not looking up) Yeah.

Me:  Oh, ha ha ha, look at this picture I took of the Lego house I put together last year.  I’m such a dork, huh?

I really do think Legos are awesome

I really do think Legos are awesome

Mark:  (still not looking up) Uh-huh.

Me:  Oh, my.  Mark, I think I actually used to be pretty!

Do you see how long and NON FUZZY that hair is?  OMG.

Do you see how long and NON FUZZY that hair is? OMG.

Mark:  (looks up AND thoroughly analyzes picture)  You’re right!

I’m right?  The statement “I USED to be pretty” was a correct one?

Hellz no.

Mr. Oates, please let me show you to your room...

Mr. Oates, please let me show you to your room...

Your room is on the left.  Enjoy your stay in the doghouse.

Your room is on the left. Enjoy your stay in The Doghouse.

*Just trying to be funny.  Mark is not in the dog house.  But mostly because he don’t have one.

5 thoughts on “Annoying Husband Behavior #3

  1. Connie says:

    He can share the dog house with his Dad it may be old and much used but at least it has plenty of space.

    This cracked me up! The 2 Oates men would probably love to have their own little shed out back… not a punishment at all!

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    That’s too funny! I love the pictures! I will sometimes ask if I look okay before leaving for church. (I mean: Do I match? Is my skirt too short? Is this too wrinkled to actually wear?) Thomas without even looking at me will say “yep. You look okay. Let’s go.” When I tell him that he didn’t even look at me, he will tell me that he looked at least 3 times and that I look fine. (liar) One Sunday morning, I need to wear something truly ridiculous and see his response. 🙂

    You still look pretty Marie! Mark’s being a loser.

    Oh, you should test him! That would be hilarious if he lets you out of the house looking crazy 😀

  3. Veda says:

    If it matters to you…
    Mike saw a recent video of you while I was on Facebook (the one where you announced the winners of the Cheesecake Factory GC…still bitter about not winning that BTW…hehe…Ok Ok back on topic…) and he said you were very pretty. After I got over the initial/typical “Oh hold up!!…Are you saying she is prettier than me…cause if you are thinking it…you’d better not SAY it…” moment… I was like yeah Marie has been and is very pretty :). Then, I made him tell me I was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen in REAL life because the man refuses to say I am hotter than supermodels and movie stars!!! WHATEVER!! haha!!

    Aw, that’s sweet of Mike! And I’m not sure why these guys think we want complete honesty when we ask the “Am I hotter than Megan Fox?” question, I’m pretty sure that’s the only question I’m ok with lying 😀

  4. Elisa says:

    My friends built a huge shed behind their house for landscaping supplies and they call it the “doggie condo” (they do, in fact, have two dogs as well…) Whenever my friend’s husband does something, the discussion inevitably turns to the doggie condo.

    As for the comment, it all goes back to what we had talked about before. Don’t ask a question you don’t want to hear an answer to. In your defense, though, “Do these jeans make my butt look big” is a FAR cry from “Did I used to be pretty?” Seriously, every man should be pulled aside in the 6th grade and be told there are certain things ok to say and not ok to say to a girl. Answering that question “Yeah, you did” would be among the Top 3! 😛

    Oh, I love the idea of the doggie condo! And I know better than to ask, but sometimes we just love the pain, right? 😀 And in defense of Mark, we were both lamenting how my hair doesn’t seem to be growing back very quickly and he thought we were talking about hair only (he def. prefers it longer). Anyways, we should probably get the book of what it is ok and not ok published… we’d make a killing!

  5. That is too funny! I found a way to get my hubby’s attention. I ask him things like…”which earrings look better?” and “which shoes look better?” Of course I keep it simple by only giving him two choices. I don’t want to make it complicated. See, that way he has to look. Haha — then you can ask him about how you look in a particular outfit. As far as your hubby’s response to your looks — he probably just wanted you to stop asking him questions so he could keep doing whatever it was he was doing. Take care, A.

    Keep it simple is CERTAINLY a rule I should probably follow more 😀 And you are so right about him basically wanting my inane chatter to stop :p

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