Unabridged Bride Giveaway #1


We’re back.

And we’re better than ever.

Back in July, I “teamed up” (quotations used because she is a seriously productive person and did pretty much everything) with the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Liza Hippler of Maiden to Married to put together Unabridged Bride.  It went really well, and I got to meet tons of amazing women…(Ashley from Ashley’s Bride Guide, CJ from CJ’s Off the Square/Williamson County Weddings & Events, Louise of The Thirty-Something Bride, Sarah Elizabeth of Planning Sarah Elizabeth, and Krista before she was Becoming Mrs. Dial)


So it went really well, but Liza knew it could be better (I want to take credit for this, I really do, but this girl is on a roll).  So she’s found a financial planner and personal trainer and a reflexologist and they’ve ALL been added to the Unabridged Bride.  And she may have scored catering from the Red Pony, too.

Tell me how excited you are right now.

No, seriously.  Tell me how excited you are.  Down there in the comments.  Tell me.

Oh, c’mon don’t act like you didn’t see this coming….

We’re doing some giveaways. Some of them are REALLY cool. Like a free night at the Aloft Hotel. Or a free mani/pedi from the Woodhouse Day Spa. Or $50 gift certificate to 12-Point Signworks. Um. Yeah. Go here for details on how to win those cool prizes.

Those giveaways are only open to Unabridged Bride attendees. Sorry.

This giveaway, though, is open to ANYONE. Yes, anyone. Here’s what you have to do…

1 entry – Leave a comment on this post, here at McKinney-Oates Cereal, telling me what part of Unabridged Bride sounds the most exciting. Personal training? Financial planning? A REFLEXOLOGY LESSON?

1 entry – Tweet and/or Facebook about this and let all your friends know how excited you are about Unabridged Bride with a link to back to this post. (If you enter this way please come back over here and let us know).

2 entries – Write a blog post answering this question: “I’m so excited about the Unabridged Bride Workshop that I would give up (blank) for a month to get to go.” Get creative. Give up chocolate? Flip flops? Snuggies? Your choice, have fun with this. Remember to include a link back to this post and to drop a comment letting us know you wrote it.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for… what on earth am I giving away???

I’m giving away… a Behance Action Runner note pad thing.

Here is a picture –

Action Runner - Closed...A blue Action Runner in use...

I love the Behance products and every bride runs around with a constant to-do list churning in their brain, and this is the perfect notebook for that! Not only that, but Behance has a website service that goes along with their products that make it super easy to manage projects… like a wedding!

So seriously, enter this giveaway and tell me about how excited you are to be an Unabridged Bride…

I forgot – This giveaway will end at midnight on August 26th… so get on it!

11 thoughts on “Unabridged Bride Giveaway #1

  1. Sarah says:

    Yay!!! I can’t wait for the second round of UB. It was such a blast last time and every local bride should sign up. I’m looking forward to hearing from you Marie! You were cut short last time and I can’t wait to hear everything you have to share!

    You’re so sweet, Sarah. I didn’t have as much time, but I think we’ve spaced it out better so we get you guys lots of great info in smaller bites 😀 Thanks so much for entering!

  2. Krista says:

    Marie! It was so great seeing you yesterday! I LOVE your blog. 🙂

    First off, I do echo Sarah’s thoughts about how we were cut short with your presentation last time, so I’m excited to hear more of your segment this time.

    I think the most exciting part of this Unabridged Bride sounds like the reflexology lesson! I must say…I really don’t know a darn thing about reflexology, but I’m excited to learn! The more knowledge and tools I have going into my marriage, the better. 🙂 Thanks for being a wonderful resource.

    Krista, it was so great seeing you, too! And, I totally agree about the reflexology… I have no clue what it is, so I’m even excited about that day 😀 Thanks so much for all your entries! (go check out Krista’s blog entry… hilarious!)

    • lizam2m says:

      You two are hilarious. Relfexology is fancy foot rubbin’. I’m sure my reflexologiest friend would NOT be happy with that description, though. It’s gonna be awesome – I’ll tell you that much!

  3. Krista says:

    I just Tweeted and Facebooked this. 🙂 I’ll be writing the blog post soon! I’m going for the gold here. Hehe.

  4. coconutstudio says:

    the best part of Unabridged Bride is “saving money”.. in financial planning. I’m hoping that my future wedding is one that is financially sound and does not become part of the problem that a lot of newly weds encounter. Thanks.

    Thanks so much for entering! And you’re so wise to want to be ready on the financial front… it is so easy for that to become a big problem in a marriage when it really doesn’t have to be!

  5. […] Click here to read more over on Marie’s blog. Tell ‘em Krista sent you. […]

  6. Krista says:

    My blog post about what I’d give up for a month to go to theworkshop is up! See the post here – http://becomingmrsdial.com/?p=156

    I’m pumped about UB!

  7. Hey Marie:

    This is Philip. (Krista’s fiance.) Krista said I needed to be a homeless goat for a day so she could get 10 more entries into the contest. Kinda confused, but here I am. I do what I can. 🙂

    Ha, hilarious! Well, Phillip the Homeless Goat you have officially gotten Krista yourself 10 entries to win a notepad. Bleat! (FYI, “bleat” is goatspeak for “way to go on being an awesome fiance!”) (And Bleat is, according to Google search, the sound a goat makes)

  8. Susan says:

    I think the most exciting part of Unabridged Bride is Marie! Because she really knows what she’s talking about when she talks about relationships! 😀

    Thanks, Susan!

  9. omg you are my new blogger-BFF. teach me how to video.

    i want reflexology.

    and i tweeted.

    all b/c you are cool.

    can i get 10 entries because once i watched a goat {with a home} eat my cousin’s dress? (i was only 8, i couldn’t stop it.)

    You need to get a Flip camera. They’re the best. You should do it, you’d be adorable. Get one before your honeymoon. Wink, wink. Heh, I’m SO just kidding.

    And I’m seriously considering your appeal for the goat entries because that sentence had me giggling for like an hour.

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