Who I’m crushing on…

Crushing on someone has to be the best feeling in the world. There is a wonderfulness that comes with the sigh of enjoyment certain people are capable of bringing out in others.

I have tons of crushes.

Some are on attractive dudes. Hello, Mr. McConaughey.

Some are on attractive dudettes. Hi there, Amy Adams.

Some are on people that absolutely LOVE what they do for a living. How are things going, Peyton, Tiger, and John Mayer?

Some are on people I know “in real life”. Looking at you, Hanihe.

And some are on bloggers. Which is what this post is about…

Elisa over at Ophelia’s Webb has is hosting a contest. And I rarely, if ever, turn down a contest. Especially if what I could possibly win is a book. I heart books.

She wants to know about our Blog Crushes. She lets us know who hers are on a fairly regular basis and I adore her for it because I get introduced to MORE people to add to my Google Reader. And, unlike tons of people I know, I stay on top of my Google Reader LIKE A CHAMP.

This is hard because I have ton of Blog Crushes that I follow for various reasons. There are the lovely bridal bloggers, the wedding vendor bloggers, the relationship advice bloggers, the so funny they make my belly hurt bloggers. The list goes on forever.

Today, however, I focus on the Brazen Careerist Bloggers. And I just want to let everyone know that I heart… well, I heart so many people, but I especially heart Monica at Life in the Middle Lane. I don’t know if it’s her beautiful smile, her “I can do it!” attitude balanced with “What on earth am I doing?” humility, or just that she has an intense warmth to her that you can literally feel through The Internets, but I like her.

She’s real. Many bloggers either talk about how hard life is or talk about how awesome they are. Both types leave me feeling bored. And then there is Monica. She has a refreshing, magical, and stunningly human way of showing us both how awesome she is and how much life can simply suck at times. Her TRUE authenticity is so rare and wonderful in my book.

Basically, she’s both my Brazen Blogger Crush AND the blogger I’d most like to come back as if blogging reincarnation were true.

3 thoughts on “Who I’m crushing on…

  1. Elisa says:

    Marie, thanks so much! I’d never read Monica’s stuff before, so I am excited to get to “know her more” thru my Reader and Brazen.

    You are too cute too, I love your intro on all the different crushes. I love crushes as well, I’m totally a butterfly/giddy feeling addict. Shhh…don’t tell anyone…I’ll lose my Guys’ Girl card if they find out I squeal with glee at such things. 🙂

    You’re very welcome. I love contests 🙂 And I love crushes, so this was a good pair. And your secret is safe with me. Squeal!

  2. Monica says:

    Dear beautiful, funny friend and mutual crusher:

    AHem. Oh, stop it, now I’m blushing! 😀

    Thank you so much for your super awesome kindness! I’m glad that you enjoy my blog, sometimes I worry that I’m boring (now I know it’s at least me and you, kid)

    You already know that I absolutely adore you, and everything you write. You are one of about three blogs that I read without fail. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me stalk you non-stop on the internet.

    You make me smile. All the time. I am honored and flattered to be your blog crush. Please KNOW that the feeling is SOOOO mutual!


    It is you and me! You’re never boring, in my opinion. Anyone that can come off truly personable over the internet is a winner in my book.

    And I’m so a stalker, too! I’m just glad you actually became my friend on Twitter and Facebook… I usually just lurk around and watch you 😀 (I’m so creepy).

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