September Monthly Goal Meet-up

As I was packing for a trip to DC with my girlfriends I get a message from the lovely Rebecca from Modite

I wanted to introduce you to my new blog project, a Monthly Goal Meet-Up. So each month, we’ll check in with our goals from the previous month and our plans for the new month. I’ll also feature a photo and accomplishment from previous participants to accompany each meet-up. I hope it will involve all of you! –

Of course I am in. I have a faded list of goals taped to the dashboard of my car as a constant reminder of what I’m going after. I heart goals.

But first I had to go to DC. And I don’t work while I’m playing so I put this blog on hold.

I’m back now, though. And I’m ready to join this super cool “movement” (and all you other blogger friends of mine should join, too!)

September Goals…

  • For all 10 spots to be filled in the next Bound Together workshop.
  • Make dinner once a week. Without a drive thru.
  • Workout each morning and do the 25 minute Shred. Twenty. Five. Minutes. I can freakin’ do that.
  • Read through Ephesians this month.

I really want to make this list go to 5. But I can’t. I’d rather be realistic than be well-rounded numerically.

Ok. Now I’m off to check out the other bloggers who are goaling with me!

Stories from DC will begin tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “September Monthly Goal Meet-up

  1. Rebecca says:

    Haha, I love your dinner goal the most. And I want to know how people excercise for twenty-five minutes every day. Because for me, it takes so much more time because I have to get dressed in workout clothes and psyche myself up and then stretch after and take a freaking shower. It ends up taking so much more time… anyway, that’s lame to be a downer. I’m just curious how people do it. So when you mark that off your list at the end of September, please do let me know 🙂

    Ah, you forget an important point… I don’t shower. Ha, I’m just kidding. No, this Shred thing is only 25 min. 35 minutes max. And if I go to bed in workout clothes then I cut out a sig. amount of dressing/psyching time. It’s amazing what a good workout it is. 😀

  2. Nisha says:

    Um, cooking dinner once a week is one of my goals too. I was just too embarassed at my lack of cooking skills to admit that one on Rebecca’s blog. But, I DEFINITELY have that goal. And I mean real cooking that doesn’t involve a microwave. We’ll see how that goes…

    Also, how was DC and did you try any of the restaurants I suggested? 🙂

    I’m so glad to hear that someone else struggles with cooking. It’s just so easy to eat out… ah, I hate convenience.

    And DC was awesome, and we thought that Founding Farmers sounded like the place for us but then it started pouring down rain and we decided to eat at the hotel restaurant. We should have faced the rain… NOT the best food.

  3. Monica says:

    I love your goals!

    If you need help coming up with interesting, not hard things to good, google 5 ingredient meals. I have printed lots of easy recipes that make me look like a kitchen goddess (even tho I’m faking it)!

    And Yay for exercise goals! Exercise is on my list… and I have tapes that I could do, do you find your workout tapes effective? Working out at home in the living room sounds so much easier than trekking to the gym (and paying their fees)

    I look forward to checking in later in the month 😉

    Thanks for the tip about the recipes! I love recipes, and I love that so many are helping me out in that area 😀

    And I love working out at home. I have a gym membership, but it’s SO much nicer to stay home and get it over with. We have On Demand & there is an exercise channel so I use that. It’s awesome.

  4. Monica says:

    Oh, I wanted to ask, why Ephesians?

    And good luck with filling up your seminar. I watched your “pre-marital counseling myths” videos. They were really cute and informative! I kinda wanna do it now, even tho I can’t get married.

    I’m really not sure why Ephesians. I keep hearing it in various sermons and if what I’m hearing is correct it’s lots about our identity in Christ. I think. I’ll have to read to find out.

    And, ugh, it just breaks my heart that you have to say that, “I can’t get married”. In my opinion, it’s just really, really sad that gay marriage is even an issue. All that said, you guys should still find relationship counseling… it’s fun!

  5. […] halfway through September and it’s time to see how we’re doing on our September goals. Goal #1 – Fill up the Bound Together Workshop My mom loves to pray. It’s her favorite […]

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