If the Old Dude from the Airport had a Blog…

Pseudo-guest post from Old Dude at the Airport. He looks like this.

Dude. I hate my job. I stand ALL DAY and my only purpose in life is to make sure people don’t mistake the line to the woman’s restroom for the security checkpoint line. Not only that, but my little red vest makes me look like Winnie the Pooh. NOT cool.

The worst part, however, are the idiots I have to deal with daily. Ughhh.

Let’s take last Thursday as an example. I’m standing there, making sure everyone finds their way to the security checkpoint, when this kid comes bouncing towards me. She’s cute in a “Care Bear on Speed” kind of way. I’m thinking, yeah, she’s happy, I like helping happy people, this will be a breeze…

Famous last words.

Care Bear on Speed: Hello!

Me: Hi.

Care Bear on Speed: I have a question…

Me: …

Care Bear on Speed: …

Me: Ok…

Care Bear on Speed: Is this my boarding pass?

She asks this as she shows me a piece of paper THAT HAS THE WORDS BOARDING PASS WRITTEN ACROSS THE TOP.

We’re now going to refer to her as Care Bear WITHOUT A BRAIN.

Me: ….

Care Bear WITHOUT A BRAIN: (smiling and SERIOUSLY waiting for an answer)

Oh, dear God.

Me: Yes. (pointing to the words BOARDING PASS)

Care Bear WITHOUT A BRAIN: (eyes light up like she discovered fire… or Cheetos) Thank you so much!

My. job. sucks.

*In case it isn’t obvious, I’m the Care Bear WITHOUT A BRAIN, this IS a true story, and how the story of our trip to DC begins…

3 thoughts on “If the Old Dude from the Airport had a Blog…

  1. Chelsea Hurst says:

    Hahah! It IS confusing though. I flew a few months ago and for some reason my friend received a boarding pass and I didn’t. I had to go to the counter by my gate to get mine. Why is that?? Why don’t they just make it easy?

    I know! You’re already so nervous being in an airport. You don’t need the additional stress of wondering if you’re going to be allowed on a plan or not.

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    LOL! You are so funny!!!

    Ha, thanks! And I can’t wait to see you again!

  3. Monica says:

    Poor thing. *shaking my head at you*

    I know, right?

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