When The Internet Comes to Nashville

Mom:  Who are you texting?

Oh dear. I had been caught.


Telling my mom that I had given my phone number to someone I met on The Internet was sure to be a disaster. I braced myself for a lecture on how everyone on Myspace is a rapist. Don’t I watch Dateline?

Mom: Monica? I don’t know a Monica…

Crap. Here we go.

Me: Monica. I met her on The Internet.

Mom: Monica? From The Internet? That comments on your blog? Oh, I like her. She’s funny. You know how you can just tell someone’s a good person? I get that from Monica.

Me: Mom, chill out, Monica is NOT going to rape me- Wait. What?

Mom: I like Monica. She’s funny.

Who on earth are you? My mom being down with The Internet coming to life? Never would have thought she’d be so progressive.

Mom: Do you think she knows Jesus?

Ah, there’s the mom I know and love.

You read that correctly. My very first “I only know you through The Internet but I think you’re absolutely fabulous” lunch. Moncia and The GF are wonderful, charming, and funny. Every bit as fabulous as my mom and I thought she would be.

The ONLY bad part about our lunch date was that I couldn’t keep them. Thankfully, I got pictures…

Monica and Marie

3 thoughts on “When The Internet Comes to Nashville

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Monica! What!! I totally missed a golden opportunity there… There ya go…a missed connections.

    Oh it was a missed connection! You would have loved her, and I was a dunce for not thinking to call!

  2. Chelsea Hurst says:

    Aww. This reminds me of me and Lauren from Texas. We emailed and texted before we met. My mom was like, “You need to meet that Lauren from Texas girl taht comments on your blog.” We met, it was wonderful. She broke the news lightly to her mom… she took it better than expected. This weekend is big for us: I’m meeting the parents. She’s met mine, our husbands have met, we’ve even done a weekend trip. This is the big event though!

  3. Angelia says:

    I met my best friend Christie while playing an online game. We are about 8 hours apart, but each make a trip as often as we can to see one other. We talk every day. My mom never said a word when I told her about our trip to Chicago to see people we met on the internet. My grandmother however was positive that I would be the last nail in her coffin! 30 minutes of rapist, blah, blah, liars, blah, blah, don’t give them our home address, blah, blah for-gods-sake-DO-NOT introduce them to our children…

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