Milk. It does a body good.

Well. We survived Mexico. With its “never below 50 degrees weather”. And wonderful food that wasn’t “prepared” with the help of a car and drive-thru window. And the lazy afternoons spent knitting (oh, yes, I ‘knitted’) and playing dominoes and dice.

Yes, we survived all of that to come back here. To Tennessee. Where it is THIRTEEN degrees outside. Where I have to use every scarf made on vacation just to try and stay warm. Where I’ve been working since I stepped on to Tennessee soil (yes, within hours of pulling into the driveway from an 18-hour drive, I had counseling sessions. I amaze myself).

Needless to say, I miss Mexico.

And my in-laws. I had probably spent a total of 3 days with them up until this trip. I’ve now spent 2 consecutive weeks with them and I have fallen in love. Which is odd because normally spending 2 weeks with anyone makes you want to scratch your eyes out. But that didn’t happen for me. Thank God.

The best part, for me, was finally getting to fill in some blanks in my imagination. I have it in my head what kind of grandparents my parents will make one day (hopefully). My mom will constantly play dress up with a little girl, whispering into her ear how she’ll make a beautiful Miss Philippines one day. And she’ll back up this dream by reading the book of Esther to her every night before bed. My dad will finally get to invest in the complete Lego kingdom he’s always dreamed of. And tell them the story of Jim Henson.

I couldn’t dream about my potential child’s other grandparents until I met them, though. But now I have dreams about them, too. Now I imagine my mother-in-law presenting a little girl with her first (handmade!) apron so they can make chocolate pies together. My father-in-law will teach them how to play “Don’t you feel cheated?” and how much eggs cost in China.

Our future children (Mark would throw up if he ever read that) are going to be lucky little boogers.

Ok. Enough gushing. On to the stories…

This is milk. I don’t drink milk other than for cereal consumption. If left on my own I would maybe go through a gallon a month.

One of the things I learned about Mark after we got married was that this guy? He drinks milk. Gallons upon gallons of milk. I make milk runs on the way home from work at least every other week, not to mention buying it every time I go grocery shopping. Despite a couple of cups here and there, he is the sole milk drinker in our home.

With that said and out of the way, on our first day in Mexico the four of us went to the grocery store to pick up food that we’d enjoy. Mark and his dad wandered off to discuss the pros and cons of various cuts of meat… or something, and me and his mom wandered through various aisles.

Mom-in-love: Do you guys like hot dogs?
Me: Yeah. Mark likes brats better, though, so get those.*

(turn down the next aisle)

Mom-in-love: What about tangerines?
Me: Yeah, those are good!

(turn down the next aisle)

Mom-in-love: Do you guys drink milk?

Ok, I’m going to interrupt right here because I don’t think I made a strong enough point up above.

Mark. LOVES. milk.

We were preparing to leave for this two-week long vacation and he called me to ask if I’d pick up some milk because we had run out AND HE MIGHT DIE IF HE DOESN’T GET HIS MILK. Please hurry.

So I bought a half gallon and was sure that it would go to waste before we left. But what my man wants, my man gets. And he wanted milk.

It gets worse.

We left his car on our side of the border and his parents picked us up to carry us over. When we were locking the car up Mark says to me, “I hope the milk doesn’t go bad”. HE BROUGHT THE MILK WITH US. On a 24 hour road trip. AND he was hoping it would still be good in two weeks.

Ok, back to the grocery store.

Me: Yeah. Mark LOVES milk. He drinks it all. the. time. Get the milk.

Cut to a few hours later…

Mom-in-love: Oh, Mark, just so you know, there’s some milk in the fridge.
Mark: Oh, I don’t drink milk.

Excuse me? You don’t drink milk? Who the *bleep* are you, and what have you done with my husband?

Mom-in-love: Oh…
Mark: Yeah. I read it may be what is causing the inflammation in my shoulder muscle.

Really? Really?!? Because I’m pretty sure there is a stow-away carton of milk sitting in a Civic in Texas that would beg to differ.

I was cool with him making me look like a total fool in front of his mother and making it seem like I had a dairy loving fling on the side and I was simply unable to keep my lovers’ preferences straight. I really was cool with that.

What I wasn’t cool with was getting back to our car two weeks later and hearing this…

Mark: Hey! My milk is still good! AWESOME!


* I was also wrong about the brats. Apparently, he hates those and would never, ever eat them. Yeah, don’t look for us on any future episodes of The Newlywed Show.

5 thoughts on “Milk. It does a body good.

  1. Sam Davidson says:

    Best line:
    “And sheโ€™ll back up this dream by reading the book of Esther to her every night before bed.”

    Ha! Classic.

    I wish I was kidding. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Angelia says:

    My husband is the same way about cream in his coffee. I was once on the verge of an argument with my MIL about how much, if any, cream in his cup. She gets very upset if she thinks I know more about him that she does. Sounds like your in-laws are wonderful people! I’m a tad envious! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ha! I don’t get that about your MIL wanting to know more than you. I mean, dude, you LIVE with him everyday. Of course you’re going to be more “in the know”, and it’s not good or bad it’s just life, right?

    Like I said, I really didn’t know how spending so much time with them would go, but they really are wonderful. Simply wonderful.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Haha. Milk, it does a body – and your relationship – good. Glad you’re back!

    Ha, it really does! And I’m so glad to be back in the States (other than the cold weather).

  4. Connie says:

    Glad you got milk and not sour cream! We got more cold weather and by Friday it will go below 0. Yuck! Good to know you did not need to scratch your eyes out after 2 weeks, me I just cried mine out when you left. I miss you and so does your friend Mac, he kept looking in your room for you and Mark. sob, sob.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t even come close to the milk. And, oh no! We apparently bring bad weather and leave bad weather! Not fun. Aww, and now I’m missing you guys and Macky Doodle. Scratch his belly for me ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Oh my goodness!! The whole milk thing is a page out of our storybook called life!! Thomas will do that crap to me all the time. It makes me so mad!! We had to go to Vanderbilt the other night because Macie was sick. I was talking to one of the 3 or 4 doctors that kept checking on Macie and asking questions. Thomas interupts me in front of one of the doctors to tell us both that I don’t know what I am talking about and that what I am saying is totally wrong. I, while steam is pouring out my ears, just swallow my temper.

    After we get in the car, I let him have it!! I said, how come you know Macie so much better than me when I am the one that stays with her all day and get up all night with her? Ugh!! I also told him that he isn’t to correct me in front of the doctors anymore or else he won’t be invited to anymore doctor’s visits!! I was and am still pretty ticked.

    So anyway, I understand the whole grocery shopping trip thing. It’s like they become an alien when around their family!

    You poor thing! I hope Macie is ok! I can’t imagine the stress of a sick baby helped the situation. And that was the other thing that was so interesting, for me, watching Mark with his family for an extended amount of time. Weird! Good, but weird! I’m emailing you in a bit to set up a baby date.

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