Domesticate Me: We’re Knitting! (and a contest)

When Mark’s mom asked if I would want to make a scarf I thought, “Oh my goodness. She’s been reading the wrong blog. She thinks I know how to knit! I’m going to break her heart!”

But her heart wasn’t broken because she’d already caught on to my domestic… disability. She realized all things crafty do not come naturally for me, so she helped me out by introducing me to this knitting circle/hoop/wheel/loom thing. And it’s, like, this magical device that allows people, like me, to feel like one of those uber-cool crafty people without necessarily developing the mad skillz of the uber-cool crafty people. The perfect activity, no?

Anyways, we decided to combine our craft (the scarf on the knitting loom) with the blog (what you’re reading now) and bring out the ultimate in Domesticate Me video footage… Marie watching someone (her mother-in-law) knit. Awesome cool, right?

*So I forgot to clip the beginning and end of the video to avoid you guys seeing the random chatter. I’m not going to go back and do it because me and this video have been tangoing for quite some time and I’m tired and you’ll just have to witness my uncomfortableness of talking while Mark and his dad are in the other room. Also, I’m sorry for that nervous giggle thing I keep doing. The whole time I’m thinking, “I have a guest on Domesticate Me! A guest! Oprah has guests! I am Oprah!” And anytime you think you’re Oprah you giggle. It’s a law of physics.

But, wait! There’s more!

A contest! You could win a scarf handcrafted by yours truly! I don’t have a picture of it because, well, I haven’t made it yet. But I do know that it will be red and black because that’s the yarn that I had left over (yes, you’re getting a scarf made by a knitting newb with left over yarn… trust me, it’s practically Dior).

So here are The Rules:

1) Drop a comment letting me know what the coolest thing you’ve ever created is. The ability and desire to create is one of my favorite qualities of God and I think it often gets looked over by the church, so let’s celebrate this wonderful and spiritual part of ourselves.

2) Drop this comment before I get back to work on Monday (so before 7:30 am CST, 1/11/10) .

3) One comment = one entry

4) Don’t bother entering if you’re related to me because I’ve either made you a scarf already OR plan on making you one before the end of the year. So I’d hate for you to ruin your birthday/Christmas/just because surprise.

5) Get an extra entry if you can identify the most embarrassing point, for me, in this video. Heh.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the video and my lovely mother-in-love, Connie, with her mad crafting skillz! And go here if you want more info on how to do this awesome and EASY craft.

(Comment or I will think you don’t want my scarf and I will cry. Ask Mark. I’m like a faucet. Turn it on. Turn it off.)

18 thoughts on “Domesticate Me: We’re Knitting! (and a contest)

  1. Sam Davidson says:

    A human.

    Well, I guess I co-created her.

    Does that count?

  2. A scrapbook. Or a cheesecake.
    The speakers at work are broken so I’ll watch the video when I get home and enter again.

  3. You’re knitting! Yay! (And you’re extra funny, as usual.)

    I learned to sew growing up, but as an adult, I’ve limited myself to just two sewing projects: quilt for baby #1 and quilt for baby #2. They better become heirlooms!

    Now I’m a knitter. I like it better because it’s more communal than sitting at a sewing machine (and let’s face it, more comfortableβ€”it’s hard to sew on the sofa). Of all the things I’ve knitted, I have to say I’m a fan of a simple project: wrist warmers for my girls. I just loved the yard (baby alpaca) and I loved the stripes and the fact that I could communicate their personalities through the colors I chose. Better yet: They wear them all the time!

  4. Heather Yount says:

    Hmm… awesome afghan crocheted (type of stitch) blanket with cross stitched flowers on it. French beaded flowers were awesome, too. Handwoven basket (grandma taught me how), and a baby blanket I made 5 years ago for a cousin that is still his safety blanket and goes with him everywhere (not the coolest made, but one of my faves anyway). And I can’t pick a fave jewelry piece, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m so glad you found something that makes you feel crafty and creative!

  5. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I like Sam , co-created a human, but not with Sam… I don’t know him and that’s just weird.

    I have sewn lots of things with my machine and by hand. I most recently, I made bean bags for Phi Mu. My dad made the wooden slope things with the hole in it. I think the game is called, corn hole. (Kristin is right about not being able to use the machine while on the couch. I would sew more, if you could.)

    I have made drink coasters out of yarn in the past. (These are super easy. I can teach you how to make these when you come over! Then you can have two crafty skillz/present options!) lol

    I made these little Christmas trees with lights out of hangers and tinsel. I think they are cute. (I’ll make you one if you want.)

    When my sister and I were little, we used to make gylcerin soap. Seriously, we really did. They had these little kits you can buy to make them.

    I can also make those bows that you see on gift baskets and fancy presents.

    I have all kinds of crafty skills and little use for them! πŸ™‚

    Heather – making a basket, is seriously cool! We used to joke in college about taking underwater basketweaving for an elective. You seriously could do it though!! That’s really awesome!

  6. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    PS. It’s super sweet that you think of your mother-in-law as your mother-in-love. So sweet and funny.

  7. Treena says:

    I made a two story house entirely made out of toothpicks. Now if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is:-) I’ve actually wanted to learn how to knit, but I’m just not that talented.

    • Secret Agent "CT" says:

      Treena – a 2 story house made out of toothpicks! That’s crazy and cool. You need to send a pic to Marie to post!!

  8. Brady Turner says:

    Helped create the foundation for a church. dug the ditches, put the wires in place, ran the piping, formed all the wood for the concrete and helped pour the true concrete foundation for the youth wing of a church. truly rewarding!

    • Secret Agent "CT" says:

      Brady – That doesn’t even compare to a 2-story house made out of toothpicks. lol just kidding.

  9. Treena says:

    I agree with you Secret Agent…there is nothing cooler than a 2 story toothpick house. However you are quite crafty making all these cool stuff especialyl a corn hole!

  10. Miranda says:

    I expect to see a ‘Marie’s Knitting Nook’ on in a matter of weeks, yay for crafts πŸ™‚

    Um, I’m totally gonna have to go with the whole ‘creating the cutest child in the universe’… that was a mighty tricky craft.

    Although, I would have to say a pretty close second would be my Jamestown Fort I made out of toothpicks and popcicles in 5th grade… it did take 2nd place in the Social Studies fair, so that OBVIOUSLY counts for something….

    P.S. I might have to say you getting your ‘crafting cherry’ popped by your mother in love would be the most embarassing point for me, lol. You’re no longer a craft virgin Marie! πŸ˜‰

  11. Miranda says:

    Lol, CT. Not only was it two stories, but it had a popcicle fence, a blacksmith shop and barn with animals and people constructed of paper mache, as well as a river and hardscape made of some sort of yeast concoction…. no, I didn’t get beat up in middle school… πŸ˜€

    P.S. I LOVE that the throughline on this thread has nothing to do with the awe of the miracle of birth and moreso focuses on the shear heighth of our crafts made of miscellaneous household goods. Awesome. πŸ™‚

    • Secret Agent "CT" says:

      Miranda – Your parents totally made the Jamestown Fort aka city of Jamestown! Quit claiming credit. (I’m giving you such a hard time and don’t even know you. I’m glad that you have a good sense of humor…or has my name been added to “the list”?)

      I actually made a log cabin in the 7th grade. It was made of sticks I found in my yard glued together. Then it had a cardboard roof that was covered with the little pieces that make a pinecone prickly for the shingles. My teacher hated me and I think she threw it away. I thought it was pretty awesome but it was only one story tall. I realize now that it was in no way awesome. πŸ™‚

      Yeah…the miracle of birth is a horror story in my book of life. I am trying to pretend that it didn’t happen.

  12. I know I’ve missed the contest, but I’m going to comment anyway. I am a total crafty person; my mom is and I might as well be a mini-Maria. The things I’m most proud of are the Christmas quilts I made for both daughters’ first Christmases and the stockings I quilted for our family for Christmas. When we got married, my husband swore he wanted 4 kids, so I made 6 stockings so they would all match. Now that we have 2 kids, he swears he doesn’t want anymore. So now I have 2 extra stockings…

    My mom tried to teach me to knit, but she’s left-handed and I got the knit down but not the pearl. So the knitting projects I did once-upon-a-time were pretty lame.

    I also love all things home improvement and am going to be sewing curtains and pillows for our master bedroom; my goal is to make it look like a hotel room in Hawaii so me and my hubby have a “romantic getaway” in our own home. I found this great hibiscus print in bright greens, oranges and pinks and it’s going to be fabulous! I’ll have to post pics on my blog when I finish (which probably won’t be anytime soon). πŸ™‚

  13. Miranda says:

    Ha, CT. The yeast concoction was totally my moms idea. πŸ™‚

    I must say though I think anyone that can knit or crochet is magic cause this southpaw was not blessed with those skillz. πŸ˜€

  14. Monica Evans says:

    Oh I’ve missed you. I just read a month of your blog posts. Now I feel complete.

    And I’m happy you are knitting!

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