The History of Curling (and co-written by Emily’s FB status updates)

Day 1

Mark: What is this?

Marie: I think it’s shuffleboard on ice.

Day 2

Mark: I don’t get the scoring at all. But it’s fun to watch.

Marie: The shoes are awesome (Can I get an ‘Amen’, Emily?)

Day 3

Mark: Why is he freezing!?! He so should have guarded! Gah. Americans know nothing about about curling.

Marie: I’m going to go watch the Kardashians in the bedroom.

Day 4

Mark: Her form is all wrong.  She should be walking behind the stone and sweeping from that position. It’s more efficient. Americans.

Marie:  (stares at Mark, turns to cats) Nala, Omi, please sit down. I have to talk to you about daddy. He’s going to be going away for a little while…

Day 5

Marie: Where are you going?

Mark: To a meetup. A curling meetup. We’re going to try to get the Nashville Curling Federation off the ground.

Ah. I  love the Olympics.

It has come to my attention that my husband an anonymous one-time reader has claimed that I lie on this blog. He points out the post where I say that we drank all of the alcohol in our house and would like to let my readers (Hi, Moms) know that there are still tons of bottles of alcohol left. I guess my husband doesn’t understand hyperbole. Or exaggeration. Or humor in general.

Just in case he reads this next month, I would like to clarify that he has not, in fact, joined any curling federations. Yet.

7 thoughts on “The History of Curling (and co-written by Emily’s FB status updates)

  1. I don’t get curling. I haven’t watched it at all this year though. As far as I’m concerned it’s not a sport if you can play while holding a beer.

    I’m so going to agree that it looks like it makes a better drinking game than it does an Olympic sport 🙂

  2. Mrs. Smith says:

    I was so excited about that million dollars post so I read it out loud to Mr. Smith. His comment: DVDs? We have a million dollars and all I get are DVDs? Me: Oh, sorry. What do you want then? Him: Um, a boat. Me: Ok, I’ll change it to a boat.

    Let me remind everyone… this was a blog post. We didn’t really win a million dollars.

    I like husbands. They’re so entertaining.

    Right! That edit cracked me up! They make fun of our blogosphere and can be so serious about it at times! Ha.

  3. You are so FUNNY! Tiha and I were trying to have a conversation last night and we had the Olymics on mute. Curling was on (either of us knows anything about it) but ever so often one or the other of us would stop mid-sentence….and when the other would look up to see what happened we would find her looking mystified by the TV.

    WHAT IS CURLING? Ask Mark why they sweep. I think its to make the ball go further. Tiha just likes to laugh at the frantic nature of the sweep, especially when the bally thingy is barely moving.

    Winter Olympics ain’t got nothing on the summer. (Just between you and me, most of the Winter stuff doesn’t seem very “sporty” to me)

    I want to play one day so I can see how much it really helps, and the frantic sweep is hilarious. And the way they yell at each other, especially in the foreign-to-me languages. Cracks me up. And you’re so right about it not seeming very sporty… people don’t even seem to sweat during these “sports”!

  4. Omari Whyte says:

    Let Mark know that I am down to help him start up the Nashville Curling Federation. I was telling Jess the other day that my goal is to make it to the 2014 Olympics in curling. T-minus 4 years to go!

    Omari, I am praying that Mark never reads this comment. He will take you seriously. I promise this. However, the story of a Jamaican curling champion has Disney movie written all over it!

  5. Rebekah says:

    Let me know if Mark decides to join. I’m pretty sure Jeremy would be right there with him. He LOVES it!

  6. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Someone that I know is having a birthday in one week from today! Wonder who that could be?? 🙂

  7. Angelia says:

    I watched for a couple of hours and just can’t grasp it. Rocks, ice, brooms…what??

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