My ovaries are glowing

This is Audrey. She makes my ovaries glow.

She was over at my house last Sunday (a soon to be completely established tradition) and she was helping me in my bedroom. Well, I’m not used to little people being underfoot and I knocked her down. She’s like 2.5 feet tall. It’s not hard to do.

Me: Audrey! I’m so sorry!

Audrey: Oh, that’s ok!

Did you hear that? This sweet precious child who only recently became a chatterbox forgave me of my sin of clumsiness.

I dragged her into the living room where her darling parents were hanging out.

Me: Nate! Jess! Has Audrey ever said “Oh, that’s ok!” before?

Jess: I don’t think so…

Me: Well, she JUST did. It was brilliant! I mean, she said it all cute and like she so knew what it meant! Audrey, say it again. Say, “Oh, that’s ok!”

We’ve all been in this situation. A new parent has a kid who just learned a new “trick” and they can’t wait to show everyone. And the next thing you know you’ve spent a solid 2-hours watching your friend try to coax Little Susie to repeat back the first 5 numbers of Pi. She’s done it a million times, ya know.

So here I was. Wanting desperately for my little toddler friend to say “Oh, that’s ok!” and do you know what she was doing?

Laughing. Straight up GIGGLING into her hands. She knew what was up.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I be all “new parent” and coax it out of her? Should I make an attempt at ventriloquy? Should I knock the little punk down again thus recreating the magic?

After looking deep into her baby eyes I realized that “Oh, that’s ok!”, that was our thing. That was a Marie and Audrey inside joke. Our first of many, I’m sure.

I dropped the subject and we continued our search for kitty-tats.  And in return for keeping our secret, I got the best gift of all time ever. As Audrey and her parents got ready to leave she looked at me, put her tiny toddler hand on her tiny toddler heart and said, “Fwend*?”

And then my ovaries exploded.

*”Friend” for the uninformed.

7 thoughts on “My ovaries are glowing

  1. Angelia says:

    She is SO cute! Those little inside jokes are wonderful!

    Even though I have to girls already (the yougest of which is turning 11 today!) My little nephew makes my ovaries throb! He is about to turn a year old and he’s just learning to walk and talk and when he say “Uh-Oh” I tear up.

  2. Michelle Ziegler Ashburn says:

    Someone got babies on the brain!

    I like the phrase “My ovaries are glowing.” My equivalent phrase is “that make my uterus ache.” Jeff cracks up every time I say it.

  3. Connie Oates says:

    And that makes my heart glad!!!

  4. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I am scared for you… 😉 Can we go to lunch soon?

  5. Mrs. Smith says:

    What a DOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

  6. Miranda says:

    Too cute, we search for ‘kitty kats’ all the time too and I don’t know how many times now I’ve *accidently* knocked my child over or stepped on an unassuming finger or toe. Welcome to the club, they’re resilient little boogers 🙂

    and I must agree, there seems to be a lot of baby talk surrounding you… You just let me know when you get that ovary surge again and I’ll be glad to drop off a two year old for you

  7. Marie, you are not allowed to get preggers yet. I have to return to Nashville and we must have a proper dinner. With red wine.

    Then you are allowed to get pregnant. I fear that all the ‘glowing ovaries’ that you have going on (the number of preggers references that you’ve been making lately) I’m not going to make it in time 🙂

    Babies are cute, tho aren’t they. However– I look at whatever’s on her lips and think…”she’s going to get that all over my clothes and furniture” *sigh*

    [some of us aren’t meant to be mothers :-)]

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