Had to clear my brain

I think I’ve lost my blogging spark. Nala peed in my shoe. I watched Nala pee in my shoe. Mark and I weren’t mad, if anything, we were impressed: Our cat’s got pretty good aim! He peed in a high-heel shoe and not a drop escaped. He’s better than his dad!

Cat-peeing-in-shoe stories are what this blog is made of. I live for these tales, yet, here I sit feeling like I can’t blog or make anything very funny.

It’s because my brain is crowded. It needs to purge. Here goes:

1) Healthcare reform happened and now I have to read stupid Facebook statuses. I’m actually semi-ok with people lamenting the fall of our capitalist society and that the government is getting too big/spending too much money. Those are valid opinions and genuine fears (I mean, are any of us really all that excited about the Social Security deductions that get taken out of our check for a future security we’ll probably never benefit from?). It’s the people who are mad at President Obama for making their premiums go up even when their premiums HAVE NOT GONE UP (yet) and the only reason they’re talking about it is because they heard on the news that they were going to go up. This drives me batty.  It’s ignorant and totally fear-based without a lick of reason.

And another thing? Just like the government does not have the power to be your salvation, it almost certainly doesn’t have the power to be your destruction. Some of the best ideas and companies have come about during times that look bleak. Quit whining about horrible everything is and DO SOMETHING to make you and your family’s situation better.

2) There is some article that has floated around for what seems like forever where a lady tells women to just go ahead and settle for Mr. Not Everything I Dreamed of and More so that you can get married, have babies and retire together. I haven’t read tons of responses to this article, but most people (especially 20-somethings) cringe at that dreadful word…”settle”. God forbid anyone be forced to settle for a man who watches sports on the weekend instead of going to the symphony, or works as a toner salesman (just to be real, our toner salesman is HAWT), or thinks Jane Austen is what they name unidentified female victims. People act like it’s a crime against your soul to ever settle for anything. Ever.

I don’t think settling is all that bad. I like to think of it as compromising with The Universe. I’m going to get what I really want and not worry about some of the perks I may or may not miss out on. I know that Mark isn’t my everything. In lots of ways I settled for him. I settled on a guy who will listens to Rush Limbaugh and is honest to a fault when I ask him if my pants look too tight. In exchange, I have a husband who high-fives me when our cat pees in my heels like a champ.

The most annoying part of the “I don’t want to ever settle” argument is the idea that whoever you do end up with won’t be settling, too. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to be anyone’s everything, either. And THAT’S OKAY.

3) I feel way too busy to blog. Work has changed a lot in the past 3 months and I end every week wondering if I can keep up this pace. All that said, I just have to stand in awe of all moms. I don’t know how in the world some of you work and run households at the same time. It boggles my mind. Boggles. my. mind.

4) My mom is awesome. And she’s getting credit for being awesome. She was just voted Staff Person of the Year at her school. And I know it isn’t a Nobel Peace Prize or an Academy Award but it makes me so proud to know that a woman who is so kind and genuine gave me half of my DNA and that I was so blessed to be raised by her. It’s nice to see other people appreciate her as well.

I think that’s it. Let’s hope my funny bone grows back.

6 thoughts on “Had to clear my brain

  1. Mrs. Smith says:

    I love honest posts such as this.

    And I applaud you for that cat story because I would have flipped out. I should take a page from your calm book. 🙂

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Aww. Marie. You’ll be back! I know it. It all works out. The world will keep spinning. Things will calm down…or you’ll get adjusted to your “new normal”. That’s what I have done. Adjusted to a new sense of normal.

  3. Connie Oates says:

    Now I am sure Mac will love staying with you and Mark, but his aim is not so good he would miss the shoe altogether. Just think 2 months of wake ups YES!!!!!!

  4. Veda says:

    You are right the whole idea is settling does make me want to cringe…

    I don’t think anyone expects Mr. Perfect and I do believe everyone goes into a relationship knowing that there will be some compromise involved. Somethings just aren’t that important…but some things are “deal-breakers”. Each person has there own set “deal-breakers”. I truly believe no one should “settle” but “settling” is different for each and every person.

    If you love Mark and he makes you happy despite the small stuff…I wouldn’t consider that “settling” Silly!!!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I loved this post. I am all scared about the government and all, and I love that you are so even-minded about it.
    And as for settling, I settled. I settled for a man who doesn’t have much of a romantic bone in his body, but has more good character in his big toe than most men have in their whole bodies. He also would rather spend every night watching tv with me than going out with his buddies. With all the good in him, I’m pretty sure I can overlook the things I “compromised”. Life isn’t about romance anyway. It is about the day to day grind and raising our boys to be good men. I think it is important to know what you can compromise and what you can’t. I hope to see you soon. Its been too long.
    Hope you get your groove back soon!

  6. This post is reason 643 I love you. I may not have LOLed but I sure did smile. Hugs, and take a break if You need to. We’ll be waiting

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