The day he put a ring on it

Me:  Do you know what today is?

Mark: …

Me: Two years ago today you asked me to marry you… AWW!

Mark: (hesitant smile because he is probably scared that he’s in trouble for not remembering the best thing that’s ever happened to him)

Me:  Don’t worry. The only reason I even remember is because it’s Shelly’s birthday.

That’s us in 2005. If we were honest, we didn’t even really like each other that much. I think we even broke up a week or so after this pic was taken.

This was after he proposed. He took me to the gardens at Opryland Hotel under false pretenses. He told me he had won a guitar from a songwriting thing and that his out-of-town songwriting partner had left it at the desk at the hotel. I’m not going to lie. When I saw the guitar my first thoughts were a) don’t you already have that guitar and b) it looks old and used. Never did I think he’d pull the guitar out, start playing a song he wrote for me (I still don’t believe that), and then give me a ring that I would eventually take an obligatory “look I have a ring on my left hand!” picture with.

The funniest part of our proposal story is that we got married a month later (May 17th). When this picture was taken dresses were bought, invites sent out, and my mom and I were arguing about whether or not a wedding cake made of chicken nuggets was “appropriate”.

My ring was made by a family friend and it took a minute before it was ready for my hand. The thing is, while most girls dream about their wedding day, I have always dreamed about the proposal story. I cried when it seemed like our wedding could possibly arrive sooner than my proposal.

Mark heard my cries, though. And even though we were very much engaged for all intents and purposes he went ahead and got down on one knee in the middle of the Opryland Hotel and asked me to be his wife. Which is all my little heart wanted.

Well, that and a chicken nugget wedding cake, but we can’t get everything we want, right?

3 thoughts on “The day he put a ring on it

  1. Angelia says:

    People have Twinkie cakes, why not chicken nuggets?!

    There are Twinkie cakes? I’m so glad that I have friends like you to introduce me to the wonders this world has to offer :p

  2. Sam says:

    If you’re up for trying the KFC Double Down, I’m looking for a buddy to go with who won’t judge me. Just say the word.

    Dude, I’m there. And I’m glad to see that I’ve successful personally branded myself as a fast food connoisseur. Mission accomplished.

  3. Connie Oates says:

    This is a story that gives a girl hope that dreams do come true, when someone loves you!! and a chicken nugget cake really girl I think you missed your true calling like doing Weddings for the Rich and Nutty.

    Weddings for the Rich and Nutty had me giggling all night. Love it! And love you!

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