I just hope the Other Woman has good taste in underwear

I used to be one of those jealous girls. I’m talking verge of psycho kind of jealous girls.

The Guy I Used to Date once admitted out loud that he thought Jennifer Love Hewitt was hot and I about lost it.



The jealousy has since subsided significantly. Let me explain how I know this…

The other day I was cleaning up the living room when I noticed there was a headband on the arm of  the couch.

Interesting. A headband. A girl’s headband. A girl’s headband that doesn’t belong to me.


And without missing a beat I PUT IT ON.

I put on the headband of a girl I do not know that I found in my house. In my head I was styling with this adorable (and free!) headband.

And I just kept on cleaning.

A few hours later a light bulb went off in my head. The head with the headband on it.

Where did this headband come from?  Was a girl in our house? A girl who had taken off her…headband?!? If she took off her headband had she taken anything else off?!?!

Oh. Hellz. Noez.

My new jealousy-free outlook on life meant I was probably getting played on by a headband wearing skank and didn’t even realize it. And all I have to say is, “You better not leave anything else in my house… and if you do, I’m a size 8. And my favorite color is green. Just FYI.”

2 thoughts on “I just hope the Other Woman has good taste in underwear

  1. Angelia says:

    I used to be rediculous about jealousy. Now I’m like “Dude, if you can put up with him…he’s all yours!” LOL Not really-but I am much better than I used to be. One of hubs favorite stories to tell is that several years ago we had a night on the town, apparently I had a little to much wine and when some chic eyed the hubs as we were leaving-I smacked her! Now…I have no knowledge of this night which hubs says is due to the copious amounts of wine in my system. What I do know is that he LOVES to tell this story about me to anyone who will listen!

    That story? Just made you my hero. Rock on :p

  2. Your funny bone is back! That is all.


    Oh, and for realz, who’s headband was it?

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