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Me: Hey, I’m about to leave, but can you dry the clothes that are in the washer and wash that pile on the floor? But not that pile. That pile is clean.


Me: You still look sleepy…

Mark: I heard you. There are clothes to be dried and clothes to be washed and clothes to be put up. And to leave it for you until you get home.

Me: grumpy face

Mark: I’m kidding! I was being funny. You should blog this. And you better give me credit. I was the funny one this time.

Yes. In 2 years of marriage, you finally made a funny. Congrats.

3 thoughts on “Blog about that

  1. Angelia says:

    Good for him! My hubs is quite often the funny one. He’s fairly witty. 😛

  2. SECRET AGENT "CT" says:

    That’s funny. Good one Mark.

    I tried to be a “good” wife the other day by washing a pile of clothes in a laundry basket that was on top of the dryer. Well, I washed them and forgot about putting them in the dryer. Thomas later came home and asked where the clothes on the dryer went. (That’s normally where he leaves his dirty clothes…along with various other locations around the house.) I smiled and said, oh I washed them for you. I am the nicest one, huh? He said so they are wet? I said yeah, I forgot about putting them in the dryer. He said great, those were already clean and ready to be folded. I kind of laughed and told him that they were extra clean now! Oops.

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