Marriage and no more car payments

Mark and I paid off my car this month, approximately 4 months ahead of schedule. I’ve been pretty elated about it. That red Honda Accord that’s missing the passenger side mirror and has a scratch in the windshield from bad wipers? Yeah, that’s mine ours. All mine ours.

Ever since I sent in the final payment I started imagining all the ways that I would begin spending all of this extra money, formerly known as a car payment. Shopping spree at Banana Republic? Pedicures every week in the summer time? A trip to Costa Rica? Sure! Why not? Didn’t you hear? We have a paid off car! We’re rich, Beatrice!

Then? Then life happened.

Sput, sput, sput, stall.

Sput, sput, sput, stall.

My car was dying. Two weeks after she became ALL MINE, she started to stall every time I came to stop. It was horrible and embarrassing and I hate driving with the anxiety of “Are we going to make it to point b?”

Naturally, I got mad at Mark over this. Why, I questioned him, was my car not working? How did you break it, Husband?

Logic has never been my strong suit.

Being the great guy that he is, he ignored my accusations and had the fuel injection thingamabobber cleaned and it’s back to normal.

Sigh. My knight in shining mechanic’s clothes.

As I drove, though, I realized that this whole thing was really similar to marriage. After 5 years of being together, me and my car were finally committed to each other. No one was ever going to repo her, and I sure as heck was not interested in investing any more money into a vehicle. We were stuck with each other. You’ve been dreaming of this day since you first met, the day when you’d get to finally hold that little piece of paper that said you belonged to one another: The Title.

However, it wasn’t until I had her title did she start showing her true colors. She was done with putting up the front. She wasn’t going to work all that hard to get me to and fro, we’d just have to see if she felt like it or not. And I started cussing a WHOLE lot more. Also? she never calls me Beautiful anymore… wait, wrong commitment…

Mark says he’d like to write a blog post on the car’s behalf… heh. Get your own blog, buddy. Oh, wait. He did!

3 thoughts on “Marriage and no more car payments

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Kudos Marie for paying your car off! I felt so relieved after paying my car off. Now my car is acting up to the tune of about $1000. I have to get the compressor replaced so that my a/c will work again and then new tires. (Possibly a new windshield is in the near future.) Thank goodness for friends and family or it would be a lot more expensive than that!!

    You should put your “car payment” into savings. You are used to not having that “extra” money so it won’t be hard to save it. Then when your car wants to act up and cost you money, you will have a stash to fix it!

    Oh that bites, CT! You sure are lucky to know the people you do 🙂

    And that idea about savings is a good one… I faintly remember Mark talking about something like that, ha.

  2. Miranda says:

    I must say that I have felt extra spoiled having no car payment on my trusty old Saturn for the past several years… the poor thing has been through alot, but I totally feel like I’m on the other side of that whole ‘getting lazy after marraige part’ as, b/c I don’t owe any money on it, the poor car never gets a car wash, there is probably about a year’s worth of dirt and crumbs in the floor board, and it has scrapes on BOTH sides from where I chose getting into work 30 seconds earlier instead of backing up and readjusting AROUND the big concrete poles in the garage was worth my/it’s time.

    Yet, through it all, it has been a loyal and trustworthy companion… although, I still think to this day, it has something to do with the Mr. Waddles Penguin drawing (circa 2001) that sits in the driver side of my windshield. Its like my Saturn’s little good luck charm, so we can keep chuggin along, debt free 🙂

    Debt free. I love the way that sounds. Might name a kid after that. Or at least a gold fish.

    Ha, and that’s a good point about being the partner not doing enough 🙂 But I wouldn’t know what that’s like… right, Mark?

  3. Mrs. Smith says:

    I’m so jealous. We just started our car payments. For the first time in life for either of us, we have a car payment. I won’t complain – it’s my car and it’s BEAUTIFUL. But the payment? ugh.

    Beautiful cars are wonderful. Not going to lie, I’m probably equally jealous 🙂

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