Cats vs. Dogs

Mark’s parents are coming home which has me all kinds of elated. And tired. Mark has been cleaning so hard that I worked up a sweat. Let’s just say that it was intense around here this weekend.

Not only are Mark’s parents going to be here, but they’re bringing they’re little dog, too. I’m loving this because I love all animals, and can’t wait to hug on Mac the Chihuahua. Mark, however, has some reservations…

Marie:  Hey, Nala, I bet you can’t wait until your new friend Mac the Chihuahua gets here!

Nala:  Meow?

Mark:  They aren’t going to be friends.

Marie: Why wouldn’t they be friends? Nala is friends with everyone. Friendliest darn cat I’ve ever met.

Nala: Meow.

Mark: No. Cats and dogs are natural enemies.

Marie: You do know cartoons aren’t real, don’t you?

Nala: Meow, meow, meow (fyi, that was cat laughter).

Mark: Think about it, have you ever seen cats stick around when a dog barks? They aren’t meant to co-exist.

Marie: Our cats hide when the doorbell rings. It’s called being a scaredy CAT for a reason.

This exact conversation has happened approximately 3 times this weekend. It’s driving me batty. I’m starting to believe Mark and I’m having nightmares of a Jets vs Sharks like showdown happening between Nala & Mac. Not cool.

So I need to know some things:

How do you get cats and dogs to co-exist?
Where did the cats and dogs hate each other MYTH  come from?
Do you think a cat could take a chihuahua, ya know, if it came to it?
What cartoon truth do you wish really was real?

3 thoughts on “Cats vs. Dogs

  1. Liza says:

    Ugh! I just had this conversation with my sister. The fams is coming to visit in July. They have two yorkies….I’m totally freaking out! I don’t our Obie will like it one bit.

    Although, I don’t think that these yorkies could hurt out kitty cat (I don’t think a chihuahua can either). I have to agree about cats and dogs being natural enemies. I’ve had two cats not be able to live to tell the tale of their canine encounters. 😦

    Liza, you’re not helping! They met each other last night and it went…ok. Omi (our black cat) just stared at Mac (the chihuahua). She wasn’t scared. Nala (our grey cat) hid all night and acted all paranoid. It was pretty funny in my opinion 🙂

    And you seriously have had cats KILLED by dogs? I didn’t know that even happened!

  2. Mrs. Smith says:

    My cat doesn’t mind my little pup. He hates the big one because she plays too rough. That and he can beat Delilah up if he wanted. 🙂

    The best thing though was really just to make sure the cat knew he was still boss. Delilah was a puppy around him so they just got used to each other.

    Emma, though, will never get to experience cat-friendship, I fear. She’s too crazy.

  3. Jessica says:

    Usually if they grow up together, they can co-exist. As for who would win in a fight, probably whoever has the biggest mouth/claws, so I’m betting on the cat.

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