I’m kind of a mean girl

Last week I wrote a Facebook status about the world cup that I thought would be relatively harmless. Maybe I’d get a few “amens” and maybe I’d get a few “you sucks”, but surely the status wouldn’t invoke harsh feelings or condescending attitudes.

Boy, was I wrong.

I ended up getting a comment lecture from someone I went to high school with that said I shouldn’t criticize a sport that I didn’t know anything about, blah, blah, blah. And all of a sudden the high school mean girl came out with a vengeance.

Marie: I’m not really sure who this person thinks she is.

Mark: What happened on Facebook this time?

Marie: Some girl that I went to high school with is trying to lecture ME on soccer. Does she know who I am?

Mark: …

Marie: I was at nearly every Antioch High School soccer game for 4 years! I had a MASSIVE crush on Leon, one of Antioch’s best sexually ambiguous goalies of all time. And Josh Zimmerman from Glencliff High School? I don’t know what position he played, but he was GORGEOUS! And, in case you didn’t know, The Guy I Used to Date was a soccer player. And he played for a TRAVEL team. I TRAVELED to watch him play soccer. And my point is simply I didn’t see HER at any soccer games…

Mark:  Ok…

Marie: I mean, sure, she might know who won some random game in Argentina in 1986, but I don’t think you can be a former Antioch Bear AND call yourself a soccer fan if you can’t tell me what year we won district. And who the goalie was. Just sayin’.

It was at about this point Mark started ignoring me, but I’m just going to say it one last time…

Go Antioch!

Lest this post go misunderstood, my comedic point was that while I may have looked like a soccer fan I was really just a fan of the guys that played.

Go USA. Especially, my little egghead nugget, Landon Donovan. He’s delicious.

4 thoughts on “I’m kind of a mean girl

  1. Rebecca says:

    Haha, I would unfriend her in a week 🙂 You rock.

  2. Michelle Ziegler Ashburn says:

    Best post ever! I love the picture. Makes me nostalgic. I totally read Jeff the drama that became your facebook post.

    Soccer players are hot! I totally should have dated more soccer players (or any soccer players) before I got married.

  3. SECRET AGENT "CT" says:

    I am happily ignorant about soccer. However, I like to pretend like I know what’s going on. Any conversation that (I somehow become a part of) involves the world cup, I wait for the chance to tell the few facts that I know about.

    Me: Oh, yeah. It’s being played in Africa. Crazy huh? I guess it’s because they have so much free space for soccer fields.

    blah, blah, blah

    Me: …and those horns! How annoying. I’ve heard that they are using sound reducing things to filter it out somewhat.

    blah, blah, blah. Stuff I don’t understand.

    Me: Nashville is attempting to host the next world cup. That would kind of be cool. Wouldn’t it?

    someone from the conversation: when’s the next world cup?

    Me: Umm…so what are you doing this weekend?

    PS. I just found out that the “world cup” part actually just started. Apparently they were doing some sort of playoffs type thing. I sooo don’t understand!!

  4. Elisa says:

    One of my biggest pet peeves…people who try to sound MORE authoritative on sports by saying others aren’t “good enough” fans. It’s a problem with society in many level, actually.

    And most importantly, I watch soccer FOR THE EXACT SAME REASON. And I played for 3 years straight, indoor – travel – school…til I had to choose between time for soccer practice and time for music practice.

    Mean Girls > Stupid Girls (always) 🙂

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