The Magic of White People Talking about HipHop

Driving down the road listening to this on the radio.

Me: Magic, magic, magic, ahoooooo… This is my jam.

Mark: Who is the rapper?

Me: I don’t know, but he sounds familiar. And he’s awesome.

Mark: I like it.

Me: I think it’s the guy from Outkast.

Mark: Oh, yeah! But not

Me: is with Fergie. Outkast is… the other group. He’s the guy… um…the shake the Polaroid picture guy!

Mark: Oh yeah! He’s cool. What’s his name?

Me: Not real sure. But I can see him. In my mind. And his little sidekick guy was Big Boi. I remember that.

Mark: Are you sure it’s not

Ah, it’s like our 1.5 amount of whiteness knows no bounds.

The best part? Andre 3000 was not part of this song at all. Which is a shame. It’s awesome.

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