Cats:1, Marshmallow:0

Being pregnant means there are tons of What Ifs being thrown around…

What if we don’t make it out of the 1st trimester? Will we try again?

What if I’m drinking too much caffeine? Hey, where are you going with my coffee?!

What if Marshmallow’s a boy? Will Otis Oates be a stud?

What if Marshmallow’s a girl? Will Holland Oates play guitar?

What if Marshmallow’s a hermaphrodite? No, really, what if Marshmallow is a hermaphrodite?

The most serious What If, however, has a not so great answer

Me: What if Marshmallow is – allergic to cats? What if we have to give Nala and Omi away?

Mark: Man. That’s a hard one.

Me: Seriously, what would we do?

Mark: You’re asking what I think right now? I can’t get rid of my cats. Sorry.

Me: Yeah, I’m with you.

Me and Mark: [silence]

Me: We’re the worst parents ever.

Mark: Yeah… but I really love the cats. I mean, I hope we love Marshmallow as much… I just can’t imagine it.

Me: We probably better just stop this conversation now before someone calls DCS for conspiring to trade babies for kittens on the black market.

*Also, we just got out of Week 12, which may or may not be the end of the first trimester. Pregnancy calendars are weird. And confusing.

2 thoughts on “Cats:1, Marshmallow:0

  1. Miranda says:

    Haha, the questions get even better once that marshmellow comes into the world.

    However, as Mr. & Mrs. Vanity USA, our main what if question had nothing to do with the actualhealth of our child or affects on our household but instead focused on the ever present threat of ‘What if our child is ugly?’ … Cause ya know, THOSE parents totally know their child is ugly but have to spend the rest of their life lying through their teeth. Jeeesh! Makes me shutter at the thought.

    I’m pretty certain little Holland (yes, I’m callin it. Canyon will need a girlfriend) won’t have that problem though ; )

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    You will love marshmallow more than the cats. I didn’t think I would love Macie more than Coco but I do. I still don’t want to get rid of my beloved pup but if it were to endanger Macie in anyway, I’d have to do something. (Like beg my parents to adopt Coco. That was I could still see and play with her.)

    On a side note, you are aware that you can not change the kitty litter while you are pregnant right? Something about toxins or something, blah blah blah. I just remember my dr telling me that’s a no no! It is really dangerous to the baby. 🙂

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