Who’s the Boss and other ways I know I am old

This is my sister. Melissa.

Yes, she is as precious as you’re probably thinking she is.

She dates a boy named Joey. There isn’t anything particularly notable about that except for the fact that there is now a show called… wait for it… Melissa & Joey!

A show? With you and your high school boyfriend’s name in it? Yeah, nothing screams fate like seeing your names together on ABC Family.

So, Melissa and I were hanging out in her room this past weekend watching television when a commercial for Melissa & Joey comes on.

Me: So, what’s this show about? Are they like dating or something?

Melissa: No. Not really. She’s like a mayor or something, and he’s her manny. I like it.

Me: Oh! That’s cool. It’s like Who’s the Boss?

Melissa: Um, what’s that?

And then I had a heart attack.

This beautiful, intelligent, kindhearted, not that much younger than me Β child didn’t know what one of the best sitcoms of all times was. Who raised her? And what were they thinking sending her out in the world without such important information?

Me: You seriously don’t know what Who’s the Boss is? Seriously? Am I really that old? I think I need a drink.

Melissa: No clue. And I don’t think you’re supposed to be drinking…

Me: Tony Danza? The housekeeper who works for Angela, the most amazing example of girl power EVER? His daughter? Samantha!

Melissa: (shakes her head)

Me: Samantha Micelli is the reason every doll I’ve ever had, and possibly this Marshmallow, were named Samantha. Alyssa Milano? Do you know Alyssa Milano?

Melissa: (looks almost scared because some people might have interpreted my shouting as anger) The name sounds familiar?

Me: She was one of the Charmed girls.

Melissa: Oh yeah! Ha, I know her.

Kids these days.

Me: Yeah, she was Samantha first. First and forever.

Melissa: I gotcha. This is going to be like how in a few years people are going to say, “Do you know Melissa Joan Heart from Melissa & Joey?” And I’m going to be like, “Uh, actually she’s from…

(wait for it)

(seriously, guys, we’re old)

(I really do wish I could have a drink)

“Uh, actually she’s from Sabrina the Teenage Witch“.

Just go ahead and shoot me now.

7 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss and other ways I know I am old

  1. Shelly says:

    Remember Out of this World with the girl who froze time by touching the tips of her fingers together? And her dad was in space and she talked to him through a glowing diamond shaped box. Wow, TV has totally declined since our day.

  2. SECRET AGENT "CT" says:

    I LOVED that show Shelly…and if I only knew how to make her powers work for me!!!

  3. I just want to add that I actually watch Melissa and Joey…..and I like it.

    I also remember Who’s the Boss. My sister is 20. She knows even LESS about 80’s and 90’s TV pop culture.

  4. Connie says:

    I remember I remember, Oh no that means I am really really old. Oh well old is a state of mind, and with my mind gone I have no worries. It looks like Mac has found another love just don’t tell Joey. Loved the photo they look good together.

  5. Marie says:

    Shelly and CT, that show did rock. I thought she was beyond cool.

    Monica, I caught the end of an episode and thought it was good. I like Joey Lawrence. So I’m biased.

    Mom in love, I thought you’d enjoy seeing your other son with his new girlfriend πŸ™‚

  6. Adrian Hitt says:

    Clarissa explains it all was way better than sabrina the teenage witch! And I loved who’s the boss as well πŸ™‚

  7. Natasha Haas says:

    I have a brother named Joey who dates a girl named….Melissa! πŸ™‚ They too are in HS and I’m sure are trying to make sense of this seemingly divine hint into their future! πŸ™‚

    Several Sundays ago, I REALLY felt old when I was trying to explain DCTalk to my HS class. I was like, “Jesus Freak,” “In the Light”? They had no clue – then someone said, “It was Toby Mac before Toby Mac,” and they were all like ohhhhhhh.

    Congratulations Marie! Welcome to mommy-hood – it is the best thing EVER! πŸ™‚ Your sweet little boy looks a lot like his sweet mommy! He’s a lucky young man.

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