Bam! Baby Bump!

I’ve been putting off Baby Bump pictures because, well, there isn’t much of a bump. I mean, I’m getting bigger. Trust. But it’s not really bigger in “bump” kind of way. It’s more bigger in a “well, you’re pants would fit if you’d put the fudgsicles down” kind of way.

Which I would just like to pause and thank Jesus for fudgsicles. They are clearly made in heaven.

Back to baby bumps. There isn’t much of one, but I am about 2 weeks away from being halfway through this pregnancy (18 weeks for those not obsessed with Pregnancy Week by Week Calendars) and there really isn’t much to show for it. But I blog and part of blogging means having pictures to prove you’re a real person who isn’t just making crap up.

It’s just really hard to get motivated to take a picture of a non-bump. So I thought about doing what I always do when I don’t want to take pictures. Draw, of course!

But that doesn’t seem to really capture the magic that is pregnancy….

So I Googled pregnancy and thought this might serve as an appropriate substitute for my bump picture.

Except, well, that’s a lie. No one looks like this during pregnancy other than Angelina. And she’s from Mars. Or France. Either way she doesn’t count as a human.

The baby bump pictures were, unfortunately, going to have to wait. Except I found myself at a pumpkin farm this past weekend. A pumpkin farm with a chalkboard.

So in true Glenn Beck fashion I used my handy dandy chalkboard to point out what may not be so obvious at first…

My baby bump! (I circled our Baby Bump declaration in Microsoft Paint  just in case you couldn’t find it amongst all the goobledy gook)

Only later did I notice the exclamation right next to my head which was, like, so appropriate because that’s exactly what baby bumps say when arrive…


7 thoughts on “Bam! Baby Bump!

  1. Mrs. Smith says:

    Girl, you look so cute and happy!

    And, from what my super-fit-wife-of-a-doctor friend tells me, bumps appear later if you have stronger stomach muscles, earlier if you weren’t fit to begin with. So, girl, enjoy it because your McDonald’s has made your abs STRONNNNNGGG. 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    Ha, I love that McD’s is getting the credit for my svelte baby bump :p And the midwife said the same thing as your fit friend, but I thought she was just blowing smoke up my butt. I’m going to take it as gospel now! I had abs of steel and didn’t even know it!

  3. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I’m still not seeing any baby bump. However, you look like a model in your picture. Your hair looks so pretty!

    FYI…Thomas refers to you as “your friend, Marie. The one that looks like one of those models or dolls…like a Disney princess.” Lol

  4. Veda says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous! And even though your baby bump isn’t showing, you boobs look bigger! Hehe

  5. Marie says:

    Thanks, CT! I felt the same way about the hair, especially because it doesn’t normally look like that, ha. I need to cover up my grey SO BAD. And Thomas officially became my favorite person in the entire world 🙂

    Veda, thank you! And I know about the boobs! For some reason they do look significantly bigger in the pic. I’m thinking Mark’s been playing with photoshop :p

    • Secret Agent "CT" says:

      lol. I know. He’s a trip! It just cracks me up everytime he says it.

      You have grey hairs?? Seriously? I’ve never seen them. I get white crazy looking hairs since I had Macie. Not nice baby girl, not nice. I pluck them all out!!

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