Wonder Year #reverb10


Prompt: How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

Me: I got pregnant?

Prompt: Well, that seems a little irresponsible, doesn’t it?

Me: Very.

So I didn’t get pregnant in order to cultivate wonder. That may have actually been a halfway decent answer compared to our actual answer which was: Oops.

I have to say that there have been few experiences in my life that have cultivated as much wonder as this pregnancy has. There’s a human inside of me. A human that’s going to look a little like Mark and a little like me. A human that wil grow up and talk about how his mom once forgot him in a shopping cart at Target and that human will be referring to me.

Thanks to The Internet I know so much about our little guy already. Like, he’s 11 inches and almost a pound. His eyes are developed, but the iris still lacks pigment.

Yet, there’s still so much I don’t know. Will he be a good baby? Will he cry a lot? When will he first smile? Will it be at me? Is he going to get along with Nala? Is he going to have lots of friends or be a “boy and his cat” kind of guy? Will he go to college? What will he love? What’s his name?

And my wonder doesn’t just stop with Marshmallow. I wonder about all of us. What did your parents dream for you? Who did they think you would be? Are you following their dreams or your own? What do you love and do you have lots of friends?

Most importantly, I wonder when does the feeling that life really truly is this miracle to be discovered each and every day that we’re here, when does it go away? At what moment will I look at Marshmallow and quit wondering about who he is and what he loves and what he’s about? And I wonder how can I make sure that never happens?

6 thoughts on “Wonder Year #reverb10

  1. Jason says:

    Well said. What better to cultivate a sense of wonder than actually bringing life into the world? May his first smile be aimed directly at you.

  2. This is such an amazing post. I want to smother you and mark and marshmellow in hugs and kisses.

    I kinda wanna go get pregnant RIGHT NOW so I can feel how you feel (about the baby, at least).

    I’m sure you will be a fantabulous mom, and you WILL NOT leave marshmellow at Target. Or your mom will talk soooo much smack about you!!! πŸ™‚

  3. SECRET AGENT "CT" says:

    I love that ultrasound pic!! Marshmallow looks sooo cute!

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