Eleven. #reverb10

11 Things
What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?
(Author: Sam Davidson)

  1. Reality Television Marathons – Marathons are my kryptonite. I hate remembering when a show airs on a weekly basis. When I get a chance to watch all of the Jersey Shore episodes in one sitting you better know that I’m down. This needs to stop.
  2. Jersey Shore – Surely Congress can come to a bipartisan agreement on this subject.
  3. Grandma Sweaters – I love grandmothers, but I’m 27. I probably shouldn’t dress like one. Also, Mark’s jokes about Betty White envying my sweater collection are getting old.
  4. Being Passive – Silently hoping that Life will ask you to get up on the dance floor is no way to live. I’m naming and claiming it this year.
  5. Baby Wipe Warmers – This is the consensus when it comes to baby items: Wipe Warmers are a waste. Mark and I already have enough crap we don’t need. I’m committing to keeping it to the bare essentials with Marshmallow.
  6. Guilt – Speaking of Marshmallow, I’m prone to guilt trips especially when it comes to things I deem as “big deals”. Raising a Marshmallow is a big deal. I’m going to rebuke the guilt trip next year.
  7. McDonald’s – I probably make this promise every year. Or month. Or day. I’m not so big on McDonald’s since being pregnant, but french fries in general? Oh my goodness.
  8. Job Security – 9 to 5 has made sense in the past. I don’t think it makes sense in 2011.
  9. Self help books – I love reading about how to get motivated or become successful or whatever. It’s just well hidden procrastination.
  10. Immediate gratification – I like things that require no waiting. Microwaves. Drive thru. Googling the end of a movie. Cultivating a spirit of waiting. I need to do that.
  11. Caramel Macchiatos – These things are so good. But I don’t need them. I obviously haven’t started my campaign against the post-Marshmallow fat, but when I do Caramel Macchiatos are not invited.

8 thoughts on “Eleven. #reverb10

  1. I *love* this: Self help books – I love reading about how to get motivated or become successful or whatever. It’s just well hidden procrastination.

    So true, and I am so prone to it.

    Thank you for writing.


  2. Melissa Perry says:

    Love this Marie!

  3. Sam Davidson says:

    3 is hilarious, 5 is true, and 7 will miss you.

  4. Marie # 3.. is too funny!!! once marshmallow comes and you are ready and able… we will do a “what not to wear” session and go post pregnancy shopping!!! it will be fun!!! you will certainly need the break….. all new moms should do it!!! Lets mark the calendar now!!!!

  5. Shelly says:

    Wipe warmers are a waste, as a 40 “cute” little outfits for a newborn, PJs are the way to go – load up (especially the gowns since there are no buttons to worry over),

  6. Marie says:

    Thanks, guys!

    Jeannette, yes, let’s make a what not to wear session happen! That sounds like a ministry to me!

    Shelly, we so need to go to Babies r Us and you can give me the ultimate “yes/no” lowdown. Ha!

  7. littleyawps says:

    noooooo! you keep on rockin’ those grandma sweaters girl. make ’em your own. and laugh while everyone else is shivering. besides, without those sleeves, where are you going to keep your tissues?

  8. Crystal says:

    You are too funny.

    I’m with Shelly – load up on the gowns. You just can’t beat the convenience. And the zippered sleepers are great as well. Also, leave the tags on all the newborn outfits – he’ll likely not wear more than one or two. You’re better off exchanging for larger sizes.

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