I appreciate his honesty. I think. #reverb10

What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?
(Author: Victoria Klein)

I will forever and always appreciate the fact that my husband is, for the most part, very honest with me.

Last night me, Mark and our roommate, Kevin, were sitting in the living room watching Monday Night Football when the conversation turned to Facebook…

Kevin: Yeah, one of the guys in the band makes sure to change his Facebook status every night. I barely check my stuff once a week.

Me: Wow. Um. That’s crazy. I guess?

Kevin: What’s funny is that one time his FB status got one of the guys in the band in trouble. He put something up about what we’d done that day and another band member’s wife saw it and she got mad. Apparently, he’d told her we were doing one thing and she found out he lied.

Mark: Man, I would have just told her that the other dude was smoking dope and didn’t know what day it was and I didn’t lie to her.

Me: (Laughing) Wait. Really? That would’ve been your advice?

Mark: I mean, um… heh?

I also appreciate having a male roommate so that I get to find out what my husband really thinks.

Oh, and I said “Thank you” by making him a bed. On the couch.

4 thoughts on “I appreciate his honesty. I think. #reverb10

  1. cari says:

    Love this take on today’s prompt. I’m sincerely entertained…and mildly wishing I had an honesty filter living in my house too! :~)

  2. Jason says:

    I hope he doesn’t have to spend too much time on the couch he might have just been doing the proverbial peacock strut in front of the roommate. Nice post.

  3. SECRET AGENT "CT" says:

    I can’t even imagine those words coming out of Mark’s mouth!!

  4. Shannon says:

    FANTASTIC! Funny, and yet so darn true!

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