From Coast to Coast #reverb10

How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?
(Author: Tara Hunt)

Mark and I had planned a trip to Savannah, GA shortly before we found out about Marshmallow so we ended up exploring this beautiful city during my first trimester. I was miserable. Nothing ever sounded appetizing which meant I never wanted to eat and not eating made me feel like dying. I only stayed alive because Savannah is gorgeous.

But do not think for one second that first trimester blahs meant I wasn’t going to turn on The Adorable when the camera was pointed at me. I am still my mother’s daughter.

I also went on the 2nd Annual Girls Trip with my high school best friends, Shelly P and Michelle Z-A. Michelle lives in Seattle so we went to visit her on the West Coast. And of all the things there is to see in the beautiful Northwest we decided the most important experience was to make the pilgrimage to the land of Twilight. That’s right. Forks, Washington.

This is where Jacob and The Pack frolic…


What’s neat is that Marshmallow has officially been to both coasts. In utero, of course.

In 2011 I am hoping to get to the beach. Because is there anything cuter than babies in the sand? I think not.

(Savannah Photo Credits go to Mark and Pacific Northwest Photo Credits go to Shelly P. We’re still waiting on Michelle Z-A’s pics. And I just mooch off of other people’s digital memories.)

One thought on “From Coast to Coast #reverb10

  1. […] Pro Life. Then he’s actually been to the beach twice. On opposite coasts. Once in Savannah, GA and once to La Push Beach of Twilight […]

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