Revisiting the Party in My Pants

Do you guys remember me writing about the party in my pants a few weeks ago? You know. The pregnancy annoyances. The moisture. The diaper rash.

Yes. That post.

You may or may not have caught the comment from Lydia, a co-owner of a company that is actually called Party in My Pants.

No, I’m not joking. Lydia and her sister sell natural cloth pads so their idea of the Party in One’s Pants was exactly the same as my idea of a Party in One’s Pants: keeping everyone happy south of the border, if you catch my drift.

When I saw what they sold I was immediately intrigued. I’m a pad user. Never went the tampon route because just like I’m afraid of Marshmallow’s exit strategy, I’m generally just as uncomfortable with most things going in as well. Go ahead and get the “Well, how’d you get pregnant?” jokes out of your system…


Anyways, I won’t lie. I was intrigued, but I was also wary. Haven’t we all cringed at the idea that the pioneer women used actual, well, napkins back in the day? And don’t even get me started on the ancient Egyptians with the papyrus tampons. The idea of  a natural cloth pad seemed a bit too hippie for me, ya know?

But then I went to the website, and hello, Adorable!

It’s hard for me to say no to cute, and these pads are cute. They have all sorts of fun patterns that may not make you excited about your period/pregnancy moisture, but they are definitely tons less depressing than the alternative:

(Mark took these pictures for me, and I have to say watching him actually have to handle a pad, aka Man’s Arch Nemesis, was basically the highlight of my month)

Look how much more fun and adorable that thing is. Also, with the cloth pad I totally didn’t feel like I was wearing anything more than underwear. And I stayed dry. Like, completely dry. Without feeling like I was wearing a diaper, which is the worst part of being a pad user in my opinion. Instead, it just felt like I was wearing really comfortable, soft, absorbent panties:

The part that I was most hesitant about was the whole washing them thing. Obviously, getting to throw everything away is a huge perk with regular pads, and we all know that my domestic skills are limited at best. The great thing about these guys is that you can wash them in the machine, which is definitely what I would do whenever I get back to my non-pregnancy state. For right now, though, I felt fine hand washing them and just letting them air dry. It was really quite easy.

I loved my experience with the PIMPs so much that I’m already eyeballing the postpartum kit for after Marshmallow’s debut.  It also sealed the deal on going the cloth diaper route for Marshmallow because if I don’t like the sterile diaper feel why would he?

Now the truly best part:
The ladies of Party in My Pants want to share the love and are offering a $25 gift certificate to one of you guys! Since I can’t play, your chances of winning are pretty awesome (and, Treena, your scarf is in my car… you’re getting it. Promise). Here’s how to play:

Us ladies love our menstrual cycle battle scars, and most of us have at least one awesomely horrible story surrounding the cycle. I want to hear those stories. So leave a comment detailing that story and get an entry. Have a blog and write a blog post that links back here and get 2 entries. Then I’ll do the whole random drawing thing.

Please play with me.



(Also, if you don’t end up winning and are still interested in the idea of natural pads check out their Cloth Pad Curious Giveaway so that you can try the awesomeness for yourself. I trust you’ll be hooked.)

Seriously, I want to hear your period horror stories. Go!

20 thoughts on “Revisiting the Party in My Pants

  1. Liza says:

    Am I the first? Wow…

    I don’t really have a horror story. Ok, wait, I totally do. I just remembered this as I typed that I didn’t. I guess it was one of those things that was just so horrible that your mind somehow buried for you.

    Ok, so, it was move-in day freshman-year @ Tech. You remember you were there! lol I just didn’t know you then and well hopefully you didn’t see cause sure as hell nobody told me. My mom and had just finished moving me in and had left me all by my lonesome around dinner time and told me to get some food. Right, well I decided to get some free food and the President’s BBQ. As I was standing in line, I felt this huge gush…..that could only mean one thing. Aunt Flo came a couple of days early. I guess she thought there was no way in hell she was going to miss this party! So there I was…full plate in hand…in front of all these cute boys ( I had forgotten about the girls by now). What was I to do? I had to walk ALL the way to my dorm to survey the damage. I don’t know how I got to my room…but when I did. You guessed it…I had a stain the size of Texas on my behind right through my jeans.

    I stayed in my room the rest of the night….

  2. Janice says:

    Can’t wait until menopause, I think?

    2010 has been the year of marathon periods. For each marathon I ran, there has been three, I was on my period. The full, heavy flow day. That is 26.2 miles with compression pants and porta-potties. No fun. Which also meant no margaritas the night before. Here’s to a better 2011 marathon season. One being June 26 in Seattle, but someone decided to have a baby that day.

  3. Kristina says:

    When I was in middle school I forgot to check on my pad and bleed through my pants and on my seat. I had to ask to go change into my gym clothes and the nurse thought I was too delinquent to take care of myself.

  4. Sarah Boye says:

    On the day of my best friend’s 12th birthday party (I was 11) I got my first period. My mom was at a girl scout camp teaching and I was out playing in the front yard when I suddenly felt something strange going on. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough, there was my long awaited period!
    I say long awaited because my mom wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced until I was “a woman”…well, mom not being home that day kind of made things complicated as my father is totally useless in the “lady problems” department. I stuffed my underwear with toilet paper and worked up the courage to tell him so I could get some pads or something (since I had no idea what to do…thanks mom!).
    When I told him, he went white as a sheet, stammered a bit and threw a roll of paper towels at me. “Here. That oughta do it for now.” he said. I then got ready to go to my friend’s party and we stopped by the drug store on the way.
    I stood there in the feminine products aisle staring at all the options for a while my dad waited in the car. The choices were completely overwhelming. Maxi or thin? Light or regular? Overnight? What?! I was so lost and confused. I finally just grabbed something at eye level as I heard him honking the horn from outside. The mail teenage cashier snickered as I hastily paid for the pads.
    I practically ran to the car after such an embarrassing shopping trip and stuffed a few of the pads in my top, center chest pocket on the overalls I was wearing to put on at my friend’s house.
    My friend’s father opened the door and a pad promptly fell out onto the floor right in front of him. Luckily, having two older daughters he kindly pretended he didn’t see anything.
    My cheeks were flushed just about as red as they possibly could be as I entered the party just as a game of ‘spin the bottle’ was starting. I had my very first kiss that day; while sitting on the floor with a crinkly, plastic pad in my underwear that I later found stuck to my leg because I put it on wrong.
    It was, at least, a memorable day that taught me the importance of teaching my own children about their period BEFORE they need to know.

    • Sarah Boye says:

      Ack, please ignore my grammar/spelling errors. It’s been a LONG day…actually think I’m just about to get my first post partum period tonight/tomorrow-ish after not having a period for almost 30 months!

  5. Jennifer says:

    8th grade. In the late 80s (acid wash, anyone?). My mom was into those biodegradable diapers for her and me.

    So, my first period’s first day was about mid-morning. Slapped a pad in like she taught me. Went to lunch. People snickering behind me. 8th grade was my first year in public school (was home-schooled the two yrs before) in Tennessee (moved north from FL). I thought the snickering was because of my lack of accent, my can’t-understand-you-ism. No. My pad (with it’s lousy biodegradable adhesive) had shifted its bulky self. It and what should have been its contents were very visible from behind.

  6. Rebecca says:

    This is really embarrassing to share…here goes. It was a 4th of July party by the lake. Skiing, swimming, etc. I was sitting on the doc in my bikini and I saw two guys whispering to each other and laughing as they pointed at my crotch. Turns out my tampon string was hanging out. Mortified.

  7. Tennille says:

    I don’t have any real horror or embarassing stories, but I went through Chemo for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma this past year and my period was extremely unpredictable. It went from 2 weeks apart to 7 weeks apart, and everywhere inbetween. Having gone through Cancer I decided to make my life more green and started using a Menstrual Cup (i.e. the DivaCup) and have been in the middle of making my own cloth pads for the past few months. Since switching over to the DivaCup my period is lighter and shorter and so much easier to deal with.

  8. Sarah says:

    I’ve always had murderous periods. We’re talking, bleed so hard you think you’re dying and you can’t move because the pain is so bad…

    I cloth diaper my daughter, and I actually sew wet bags for both cloth diapers AND mama cloth, but hadn’t tried cloth pads until my last 3 cycles. I had several friends sing the praises of going chemical free and cloth, telling me “You CD your baby, so why not give yourself the same benefits?”

    I had a ovarian cyst rupture, on top of a already horrendous cycle. It HURT to put a tampon in, and I had gone through my old postpartum pads… I was driving to the store for more, when the super ultra uber “if you bleed anymore you’d be dead” tampon… leaked… all over my LIGHT GREY car seat..

    It was then that I had enough.

    I tried the PIMP cloth curious sampler and was super impressed that it was not only comfy, but amazingly more absorbent than those chemical filled little tubes o’ delight i’d been shoving up my poor woohaa all this time.

    After my first cycle with the cloth, I noticed not only did the bleeding go down, but the cramping wasn’t as bad. My guess is from the lack of dioxins and nasties that come in regular pads and tampons helped my body regulate itself. It wasn’t any big deal to wash them.. it really wasn’t… They even did amazing overnight!

    I can’t wait to order more 🙂

    (posting to my blog as well)

  9. Jenny says:

    I got linked to your blog from the Party in my pants facebook page. I did their cloth curious trial last month and ordered a few pads immediately! I totally love them. I’d love to add more to my collection so I really hope I win this random draw.

    OK so here is my period horror story for you, I got my period the summer I turned 13. I was on my local swim team and it was time to get ready for swim practice so there I was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading the instructions for tampons. One of their suggested positions for inserting the tampon was to put one foot up on the toilet seat. So I’m standing up and I get it partway in, but, being nervous and scared, its obviously uncomfortable so I decide I better sit back down and try it that way.
    Well, I go to sit down, with most of the tampon still hanging out of me, and I didn’t sit back far enough, so as I sat, the tampon got shoved into me…
    I screamed, and immediately called for my mother, who bless her soul, pulled the tampon out for me and called my swim coach to tell her I wouldn’t be at practice that night!!

    Eventually I got the hang of tampons, although I only use OBs, and only if I absolutely have to swim during aunt flo’s visit.

  10. Briana says:

    I looooove Party in My Pants’ products! You can never have too many! So, I think my most embarrassing period moment happened when I was 14. I was staying at my dad’s for the summer, and was too embarrassed to ask him to take me to get more menstrual products when I ran out. I tried to make do with many many tissues and toilet paper, but in the mean time I was getting tons of cramps and feeling really sick. Eventually my grandma came over while I was laying in bed sulking. She took one look at me and said “so you have your period?” My cover was blown! But it all worked out- she got me some pads and acted so cool about it that in the end I didn’t know why I was so embarrassed in the first place.

  11. loucheena says:

    Like liza, I thought I didn’t have a period horror story…and then it hit me. When I was 14, I went to a soccer day camp, and didn’t bring any pads with me, because I wasn’t expecting my cycle to start for 2 more weeks…so one day, I was in the middle of a practice soccer game, and I felt blood gush down my thighs! On break, I went to the bathroom, and was really relieved to see that the blood hadn’t stained my shorts…but as I said, I hadn’t brought any pads! But, my flow starts out light on the 1st day, so I just stuffed some paper towels in my underwear and, figuring I’d be fine (and not knowing what else to do), went back to the soccer game. Unfortunately, in the middle of the game, I glanced down to see a bunch of paper towel bits strewn across half the field!! And a couple of them had blood marks! l surreptitiously picked up the bloodied bits, and as many of the other ones that I could (there was still plenty left though!), and thankfully no one noticed (or they just didn’t say anything).

  12. Jessica says:

    So I was at the movie with my family and my period started ( I was in 8 th grade and fairly new to this new bodily function; hence I did not know the pre period sign and did not when my new found “friend” would arrive). So on this particular summer day at the movies with my family I was wearing white, yes bright white clean short. So when we were leaving the theather I realize my backside was bright red with the sudden arrival of my period and I had my dad walk behind me to cover my new red pants from public eyes. Needless to say I always carry backup feminie products, if not for me but also for a fellow woman in need.

  13. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I am really interested in trying these things out! I just can’t think of any bad stories… 😦 I’m still racking my brain…

  14. Julie says:

    I can’t think of any bad stories either. I would like to win, however. Thanks!

  15. Em says:

    I don’t really have a horror story because I have always been discreet and cautious. Although I even from my first period I had to buy pads for myself (w/o help) which I may say was very scary and mortifying.

  16. amberL says:

    I had a rottweiler who used to bring out that kind of trash and carry it into the living room or hallway – usually when company was over. I finally learned to shut my bathroom door- luckily I wouldn’t have that problem anymore since I generate no trash.

  17. In my teen years, they were ALL a nightmare.

    To begin with, every time it was like a Tsunami. Heavy flow was an understatement. I was soaking a tampon and TWO heavy pads every 30-45 minutes.

    My first one came while I was sleeping at a friends house. I was COVERED in blood from head to toe. And so was her bed. And I had to walk through the whole house (which had her 3 big brothers lurking about, of course) to get to the bathroom to clean up. Mortified doesn’t even come close to how I felt.

  18. Lauren says:

    This isn’t really my horror story… well, a bit, but I wasn’t the one bleeding.

    It was my first year working at camp – a girl guides camp, thankfully, I would have hated for this to happen with guys around. So I’m 15 years old, working as kitchen staff because I was too young to be a counselor, but I love kids and I spent all my free time running around with one group or another.

    I had been asked to go down to the beach when I had time that day. They were short a lifeguard and I had my bronze cross, so I couldn’t guard by myself but I could stand on the dock while the other lifeguard popped into the outhouse and sat in the shade for a few minutes.

    So there I am, on one of my first ever lifeguard shifts, and one of the girls climbs out onto the dock. Just as she’s about to jump back in, I notice blood pooling around her feet, and there was no question as to where it was coming from.

    At that point, I didn’t have many options. I obviously couldn’t let her back in the water. I couldn’t leave the docks while I was on duty either, but I couldn’t just leave her sitting on the docks or the beach. So I blew my whistle to attract the attention of the other guard… and every other child on the beach.

    Because I wasn’t allowed to guard by myself, the other guard took over and sent me to walk the poor girl to the nurse’s office. It turns out that she had never been taught about periods, and she was in complete shock – which wasn’t helped by the embarrassment she must have felt after I attracted everyone’s attention to her. I don’t think any of the other girls gave her a hard time about it, but it still must not have been a pleasant experience.

  19. Tannis says:

    Oh, I feel for Jenny! I don’t really have any horror stories, thankfully, but I can totally identify with Jenny! It definitely took me awhile to learn how to put a tampon in properly and it let to many uncomfortable days of the tampon creeping it’s way out of me, and me sitting and having it jammed back in, Ouch!
    tannis_z at excite dot com

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