And the winner is…

Rebecca for getting attention for her own version of the “string” bikini.

Heh. I crack myself up.

Congrats, Rebecca, and I’ll be sending you an email shortly with details on getting the $25 gift certificate for Party in My Pants products.

(And just so everyone knows, Em was the last entry before I did the number generator thing)

Thanks so much for everyone playing with me! I don’t know if anyone else remembers those sections of, like, Teen Magazine, where they shared embarrassing stories and they were almost always about a menstrual cycle gone horribly wrong. I loved those so reading all of these comments totally made me go back to when the worst thing that could happen to you is a stain on your shorts. Ah, to be young again, right?

If you were interested in trying the natural pads out I seriously would give the Cloth Pad Curious thing a try.  And to end this I’m going to give 5 more reasons I love the pads…

1) I hate the sound of peeling the sticky away from the plastic. And all the crinkly noises. Cloth pads don’t make any noise.
2) I’m horrible at positioning the pad in my underwear,I always stick it too far forward or too far back. Since it’s sticky I just have to deal with my horrible placement. Not cool. With the cloth pads a bad guesstimation doesn’t mean I have to deal with diaper butt crack all day. I just go to the bathroom and readjust as necessary.
3) Things smelled better. This is important in my world.
4) I still don’t recycle so knowing that at least I am not adding menstrual cycle waste to the world makes me feel like a quarter way decent human being.
5)  Diaper rash is for babies.

One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

    Just found your blog, and I’m bummed that I missed the PIMP gift certificate contest. Anyhow, I discovered their pads over the summer, and I love them, too. Funny, I’ve planned to cloth diaper my whole life (baby #1 is on the way now), but the idea of reusable pads was completely off my radar.

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