Pregnancy Hint, Hint

First Trimester:

Mark: Hey, you want to Hint, Hint?
Me: Um, sure…But only if you promise I don’t have to move. And that you won’t get offended if I fall asleep. Or barf.

Sex is like a roller coaster. And not in the good way.


Second Trimester:

Mark: So I read that pregnancy makes women more down for the Hint, Hint. You wanna?
Me: I still haven’t met “that woman”. I don’t know anyone that is all “give it to me, baby” when they are pregnant. Those books are obviously written by men. Men who want to make women feel bad for not being like these fantasy pregnant women who only gain 25 pounds their entire pregnancy and want to have sex like rabbits and probably give the husband foot rubs because, gosh, it sure is hard to be you.
Mark: Yeah… I think I have some Star Trek episodes to catch up on.

Third Trimester:

Mark: Hey, you want to Hint, Hint?
Me: I’m fat. And you did this to me. Die. But if it’s really important to you, then sure. Just do your thing. I’m going to lay here.

I feel like a whale.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Hint, Hint

  1. adrian says:

    haha! and just fyi, your “sex car” slightly resembles a penis. 😉

  2. KP says:

    he he he. that’s cute (and funny)!

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