Dear Otis,

You’re a month old and you’ve already had so many nicknames.

Before you were born you were Marshmallow for this blog and The Tenant for Facebook statuses.

Since you’ve been born you’ve been my Baby Billy Goat because you bleated more than cried when you were first born and when your dad carried you off to be weighed the first thing he said was “He has… fur!”

Had I given birth to a Billy Goat? Only time would tell.

We also notice that you like to do a grunt/growl thing, particularly when you’re getting your diaper changed. Or when you’re trying to control, well, any part of your body. (FYI, you may think weak neck muscles are frustrating, but just wait until you have to deal with Comcast. Or talk politics with your dad…) This grunting/growling sounds like a baby dinosaur so I sometimes call you… wait for it… Baby Dinosaur. Or Otisaurus Rex. The most ferocious dinosaur in the land, of course.

Your dad has other names for you. When you’re in a good mood and/or let out a massive fart  he calls you Turbo. And when you’re in a bad mood and/or let out a massive fart he calls you Turdley.

Feel free to make me your favorite parent.

I am much too aware that you won’t always be this little and you’ll never need me the way you do right now. I want to soak up everything we get to share, and I don’t want to waste one minute complaining. The hour long dinner dates at 3 in the morning, every time you’ve peed on me during a diaper change, the way you get really hot when you take naps on my chest. That you’re small enough to take naps on my chest. I’m thankful for all of it.

I knew and loved God before you came along, but since He placed you inside my body I have to say that I’ve gotten to know and love Him in a whole new way. He is an amazing Creator and you’re a regular reminder that He is a God who deserves our praise. He has also used you on a near daily basis to show me what dependence and trust in Him could look like. I don’t know why He trusted me with you, but I’m more thankful than I’ll ever be able to express.

You’ve made the last 2,678,400 seconds of my life quite wonderful. Thank you, Otis, and I love you with  my entire heart.

Mommy Billy Goat/Mommasaurus Rex

6 thoughts on “2,678,400

  1. linda says:

    This made me cry…I love you! Otis is so blessed to have you for a mom…

  2. Ann Johnson says:

    Marie, I think this post might be at the top of the list ! Love them

  3. Auntie Jeneve says:

    Marie, you blessed me tremendously with your words. They ring so true from a mother’s heart and I can so relate to them. The sweet moments when my little ones fell asleep on my chest, the diaper changes and the numerous times of body noises we want to forget. (tehe). Enjoy these precious moments in time because they escape you so quickly that you can forget them. My babies are now parents as yourself and I cherish the next generation God so eloquently created to love with a new and tender love like I never thought possible. God bless you, Marc and your new little son, (whatever you may nick name him). One will stick until he is grown for sure.

  4. adrian says:

    definitely made me tear up!

  5. Marie says:

    Thanks guys! I definitely want to remember all these little moments because I know they won’t last forever. Sigh.

  6. Mrs. Smith says:

    You’re the best. I teared up reading this. Much love and many hugs to little Otisaurus.

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