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A month or so before Otis was born I got a reminder in one of the gazillion pregnancy email newsletters to find a pediatrician.

You probably don’t remember the last time that I interacted with the medical community on behalf of someone else. Here. Let me remind you.

I really didn’t know how to begin my search for a pediatrician. What qualities was I looking for in the person that would guide me in helping my child thrive and survive?

First things first, they needed to be covered by my insurance and not be downtown. I hate going downtown. Yes, my main requirements were cheap and convenient.

After some searching, I decided that I really liked what I saw from Tennessee Pediatrics.  They accepted my insurance, their office was next to my favorite library and one of the doctors was a breastfeeding guru. I was sold. So I gave them a call…

TN Pediatrics: Good afternoon, Tennessee Pediatrics, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, I need to make an appointment for my baby. He’s not born, though. So I’m not sure how this works…

TN Pediatrics: Great! You’ll come in for a consultation,meet our doctors and ask any questions that you have. Would you like to set up an appointment?

Me: Sounds wonderful! Well, my name is Marie McKinney Oates and the baby’s due in April…

TN Pediatrics: Oh, I know you!

I’m not sure if I had just finished reading Dooce or something, but my imagination went wild…

The pediatrician’s office staff knows me? Like, knows my name?!? Well, obviously THEY KNOW ME because I must be BLOG FAMOUS.


Heck! They’ve probably been reading my blog daily waiting and hoping that I, the most famous blogger in the South Nashville/Antioch area, would choose them to care for the health and well-being of my child.

“Play it cool, Marie,” I told myself, “play it cool“.

Me: You know me?

TN Pediatrics: Yeah, we went to high school together!

So my blogging fame was short lived non-existent, but it was still neat to reconnect with a high school classmate. Not as neat as being Blogmost Famous, but still neat.

2 thoughts on “Blogmost Famous

  1. Athena says:

    And it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to find old classmates bringing their little bumblebees to TNPeds. (Especially when they’re as adorable as Otis) Even if it makes certain front office employees feel super old!

    • Marie says:

      Thanks, Athena! You guys are the greatest and I’m so with you on the old thing 🙂 It feels like 18 was forever ago. Sigh.

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