How to behave in church

Dear Otis,

You’ve been out of the womb for two months, Old Man. We hope it’s been as enjoyable for you as it’s been for us.

This Sunday was your very first outside-of-the-womb church visit, and I have to say it went very well.

Well, kind of…

If there is one thing you’ll learn about your mommy it’s that she prefers to be quiet. Especially in church. Only one person gets to speak. And that person is the pastor. So zip it, ok?

Except sometimes it’s really good to be really loud in church. Because church isn’t just about quietly learning how certain words translate into Greek and Hebrew. No, church is also about celebrating who God is and how He’s working every single day.

I know that this Sunday I stuffed pacifiers and bottles into your mouth every time you made a peep. Even the joyful peeps. And I’m sorry for that. Because I want you to know that there are times that knowing and experiencing the love of Christ will make you want to shout or jump or dance around. I want to encourage you, from day one, to shout or jump or dance when you celebrate. Please don’t hide or be ashamed of the joy He puts in your life.

Just to be real, until you can tell me your shouts are for the Lord, I’m going to keep stuffing you with pacifiers and bottles because odds are you’re hungry. But I’m looking forward to the day when you have your own reasons to celebrate our Lord.

Love you so very much,
The Quiet Lady with the Pacifiers and Bottles

2 thoughts on “How to behave in church

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Otis is soooo cute!! When you finish training him how to behave during church, could you start working on Macie? She still doesn’t get it.

  2. terri says:

    What a perfect little face!

    From experience, i can tell you…it’s not the noise that will be the problem, it’s your child’s desire to join the pastor at the lectern. Your fun church days are ahead of you!

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