Sometimes I draw out FB statuses…

Sometimes you people make FB statuses that leave me giggling for weeks after I read them. You people make my day.

Some of those FB statuses are just so hilarious in my world that I draw them out. Yes. I draw out other people’s Facebook statuses. I guess I was inspired by that one guy who draws out missed connections just a little too much…

Anyways, here’s one I drew out a few weeks ago…

That was my friend Jeff’s Facebook status. He is married to my best friend Michelle and this bit of conversation happened while they waited for their little nugget of joy to arrive.

In true cable guy fashion Baby Z-A (totally aware that Michelle and Jeff aren’t hyphenators, but I refuse to leave out family Z) showed up almost 2 weeks after her due date.

And she’s perfect. The spitting image of happiness and joy and love all wrapped up in one bundle of little girl goodness.

Even better? She spent her first week outsmarting every doctor at the hospital. And even a couple of docs in D.C.!

She’s already making her mama very proud.

Congrats to Jeff and Michelle!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I draw out FB statuses…

  1. Shelly says:

    Too amazing. I no longer only wish for you to write a book. At this point I full expect you to write (and illustrate) one – soon, very soon. Even if its not real – I can “publish” it with a pretty cardboard binding and some yarn. PS. The baby is adorable and with those parents she going to be a female Doogie Howser.

  2. Wow! Baby Z-A is already famous! Thanks, Marie. We are honored. And she is perfect! I knew it all along. It just took a week for her lab results to convince her doctors. I can’t wait for our babies to meet.

    And, I agree with Shelly. We demand a book!

  3. Nani Z says:

    You are absolutely right. Baby Z-A did out smart all those doctors. It’s is hard to believe how one little girl could grab hold of so many hearts so far away, but she did.

    Marie thanks for your love of words and please encourage Michelle to start blogging. Your character drawing for Michelle was right on.

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