In case your church forgot to tell you…

I don’t know if you are familiar with Manny Pacquiao. He’s a Filipino boxer and he’s pretty good. He’s won the championship title in 4 different weight classes. He’s busting up guys much bigger than him.

I thought of Pacquiao today during church when my pastor reminded us that Christ is victorious. In everything.

Christ is victorious over your depression. Over your loneliness. Over your womb. Over your health. Over your job. Over your insecurity. Over your finances. Over your failing marriage. Over your rebellious children. Over every single fear.

Remember, in the same way that Manny Pacquiao stands over his opponents in a knockout is the exact same way Christ stands over any situation you are struggling against.

So in case your church forgot to tell you… Christ already has the victory.

One thought on “In case your church forgot to tell you…

  1. Right you are! Hard to remember sometimes we feel knocked out cold, but there can’t be redemption if there’s not first a slight taste of defeat. Thanks for the reminder.

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