McDonald’s Monopoly was our plan?

I had hemmed and hawed about Rodan+Fields for  awhile. Could I do it? I am a horrible salesperson. I write regularly about poor hygiene and now I wanted to sell skincare? Aren’t these things scams? Am I going to look like an idiot if I do this?

But I could NOT get rid of the nagging feeling that this business was too perfect to ignore.

So I left a Starbucks meeting with my not-quite-yet sponsor ready to tell Mark that we had to do this. It was insane not to do this.

I swung by McDonald’s to pick up lunch. And somewhere between McDonald’s and home I lost my nerve. I was not going to do this. It’s not for me. I can’t afford to waste the time or money. And I’ve ignored plenty of deep-down-in-my-gut feelings and I can ignore this one too.

We started to eat lunch and Mark gets real excited.

Mark: Oh, cool! It’s Monopoly time again!

Did you know that this is the 19th year of McDonald’s Monopoly? 19 years! And I haven’t won more than a free french fry. And I am a winner.

But something hit me. McDonald’s Monopoly was our plan? I mean, I was fine trusting them with our physical health, but our financial health, too? Even I have a line.

Mark: Is Boardwalk or Park Place the hard one to get?

Me: Oh my gosh. This is insane. We’re doing Rodan+Fields. And whatever you have in your hand is the one everyone gets.

I’m not a control freak by any stretch of the imagination, but I did want more control over our financial future than hoping to strike it rich with Boardwalk. Or Park Place. Whichever.

And that is the story of how we became R+F consultants.

*If you want to start writing your R+F story call (615.504.0634) or email me ( and we can have a McDonald’s date to see if Rodan+Fields is a right fit for you and your family. 

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