Bloody Mary and other things that ruin my day

I don’t watch scary movies or listen to haunted house commercials on the radio or even watch episodes of those CSI-like shows because I don’t see the need for adding unnecessary negative, worry-inducing, fearful thoughts to my brain. There’s limited real estate there and I refuse to waste it on Freddy Krueger and friends.

Also, I know what happens when I accidentally let a little bit of Halloween-esque fear creep in. Like probably every little kid in the world I heard about Bloody Mary and how if you said her name in the bathroom with the lights out she’d come out from the mirror. Or something like that.

Most of you probably moved on after hearing that story. But not me.

Let me just say that never in a million years will you find me in a bathroom with the lights out. Just to be real, you won’t find me in any windowless room with a mirror with the lights out. Yeah, our walk-in closet with a full-length mirror? Never been in there without turning the lights on first. And not just because it would be too dark, but because I don’t want to accidentally invite… her into our world. (That’s right, I’ve already written her name twice in this post and there is no way in hades I’m writing it again)

I’m probably especially traumatized by… her because my brother used to wait until I was using the bathroom to open the door, turn off the lights and scream her name. Thankfully, I was conveniently in position so that I never literally peed my pants.

He should be paying for my therapy.

I bring all of this up because have you seen that commercial/advertisement/worst 30 seconds of my life on tv recently? It’s a clip of little girls in the bathroom saying her name and then running out screaming and her silhouette is standing there.

I almost threw up I got so scared.

Even worse, this commercial is STILL scaring me. I pray before I go into our bathroom. I freak out when a cat pushes through the cracked door (because I now refuse to completely close the door). I am scared that in all of my thinking about… her I’m going to accidentally conjure her out of the mirror.

So, yeah. That’s where my life is at right now. In total fear that…she will bust through a mirror.

What creepy, crawly, ghostly thing really gets you this time of year? 

8 thoughts on “Bloody Mary and other things that ruin my day

  1. adrian says:

    So, I guess you won’t join me to watch Paranormal Activity 3? 😉

  2. You are not alone.

    That show on Nickelodeon “Hey Dude” had a Halloween episode about “Zeke the Plumber.” I’m not even sure what he did. Probably flushed kids down the toiled or something completely illogical. But I had nightmares for weeks. It plagued me for YEARS!!! Years. Literally.

  3. Just call her B.M.- cuz she gives ya da poops…

    …And I’m done for the day.

  4. Miranda says:

    I too am completely paralyzed with fear by that preview and never. Ever. EVER leave my bathroom/closet door open to my bedroom open at night as still, at 27 years of age, I just know something will come out of that black hole of darkness if by chance the barrier to all things evil (that lives in my en suite bathroom), I.E. my bathroom door, is left open. Gah… What are we supposed to tell our kids? “Dont worry, son. The boogie monster can never get you bc he lives in MY closet, not yours.” lol

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