A diaper saved is a diaper earned

Otis is a bit of a diaper snob. He seems to refuse to poop in a diaper that he has peed in.

Do you think this is a sign that he’ll be one of those “different foods don’t touch” kind of kids? Help me, Jesus.

Well, Mark hates this little habit of Otis’. A diaper is NOT a thing to waste, young man.

So when I finished changing Otis’ diaper yesterday and he immediately started grunting we knew what was going on.

Me: Little man is pooping. In a new diaper. Again.

Mark: Is it mushy or a turd?

Me: Turd.

Mark: Give it to me.

The diaper was clean other than being touched by said turd. And Mark is nothing if not thrifty. He was just going to go toss The Turd in the toilet and get Otis back into the certified pre-owned diaper.

Mark took the diaper to the bathroom while Otis hung out on the floor diaperless waiting patiently for Thrift-o-Dad.

All of a sudden I heard a fart followed by a giggle from the Otis-meister. Which I totally understood. Nothing like freedom farts, amirite or amirite?

It was the next sound that got my attention.

Squirt. Squish. Belly laugh.

I looked at my baby’s business end and saw squishy poop. Little man just squishy pooped all over his blanket. AND HE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY.

Such a dude.

Me: Dude. Your kid just pooped on the floor.

And much like an Extreme Couponer we are left to ask the Millions of Nickels Saved Million Dollar Question: Was it worth it?

Heck yeah it was worth it. Anything that results in a blog post and my husband cleaning squishy poop is ALWAYS worth it.

3 thoughts on “A diaper saved is a diaper earned

  1. sarah says:

    i saw your blog from nashville moms 🙂 this is hilarious 🙂 great story!

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