Age Like A Vampire

This is Edward Cullen. He was born in 1901. That means he’s, like, really old.

But you’d never know it because he’s a faithful user of Rodan+Fields’ Anti-Age Regimen.

Ok. I’m lying. Obvs.

But I highly doubt you’d want to go through what he did to keep that chiseled yet glittery skin. Unless you’re down with almost dying during a plague and then getting bitten by a doctor/vampire only to find your one true love one hundred years later and spend the next couple years doing everything you can to keep her accident prone mortal self alive.

I digress.

We all want to keep our youthful appearance and short of Botox (ew) I’m really starting to believe the Anti-age Regimen is your best bet.

Lips are where you’ll first see aging… (I love the lip renewing serum)

And hands? Raise your hand if you want to look like the crypt keeper? Yeah. The hand regimen is amazing.

So, unless you fall in love with a hundred year old vampire and convince him to turn you in to one as well, you might want to seriously consider starting to take some serious care of that skin of yours.

Skin. It’s a beautiful thing. Wear it well.

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