Goodbye, Single Digits.


Ten months. Sigh.

You’ve grown so much and so quickly. It’s stupid. It’s really stupid. But no sense in getting all sappy with words. Mommy got an iPhone so there are tons more pictures. You do know what an iPhone is right? Kids these days…

You’re too big for your bumbo chair. That is also the face I see when you aren’t allowed to touch something and when you hear the word “bath”.
otis and bumbo

Your favorite toy is a shoe. Yes, I’m serious.
otis and shoe

You played at Chuck E. Cheese (Thank you, Canyon, for the birthday invite!)
otis and barney

You got giddy about your “telescope”.
otis and telescope

And you give kisses. They are THE BEST.
otis and mommy
I would post the video of your first crawl but I’m shouting “My baby is CRAWLING! This is stupid!” and I don’t want to lose my street cred. (Cute story: You started to crawl when I wasn’t there and your dad stopped you so that I could see it. He’s a good daddy. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.)

I would also post the video of bath time nowadays, but I can’t even take video because I’m too busy wrestling with a miniature sumo wrestler in the kitchen sink.

I love you. Even when you’re stinky.
Mama Pigpen

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