Hugs don’t spoil babies, leaving them on the counter does

My good friend Miranda mentioned the most brilliant book idea ever: A book of every question you Googled the first year of being a parent.

Brilliant, right?

Because it would be a book. I googled what different colors/textures of poop meant (the only time taking pictures of poop with your phone is ok). I googled whether a person could/ever has died of hemorrhoids (you cannot). I googled whether it was possible a baby could forget his mom if she went back to work (he won’t). I googled when my baby should be hitting all of the “milestones” (he didn’t meet any of them “on time” because he’s chunky).

All of my Googling convinced me that I should never give mommy advice. To anyone. Ever. Or I try not to. Because it’s your baby that God gave you and you are going to handle everything fine. He’s good like that.

But now that I’m coming up on my Momiversary I thought I’d spend this week sharing what I’ve learned. I’m not saying that what I learned is “right”, but it’s what I’ve discovered about my parenting style. And I can do this because it’s my blog. Also, I needed to write about something because heaven forbid there be absolutely no posts between 2 letters to Otis.

So the first thing I’ve learned: You can’t hold your baby too long or enough. 

I was told a couple of times that I was “spoiling” Otis because I “held him too much”. I never really understood this because babies are small and can’t do much of anything and it really seems as if God designed them to be held. Seriously, does anything in the entire world fit more perfectly in one’s arms? I think not.

So I held Otis. I held him when he nursed. I held him when he slept. I held him and just stared at him hoping that somehow I could remember everything about these precious moments. I think there was an angel whispering to me that it doesn’t last long. That even if you held him every second of every day you’d still look at pictures like this:otis and mommy

And wonder did I hold him enough? Did I kiss his cheeks enough? Let him fall asleep on my chest enough?

 otis and daddy

And I’m pretty confident we did. We soaked up every single moment of being new parents and holding our precious 7 pound Otis. Now that he’s too big to sleep on our chest and regularly squirms to get out of my arms, I’m beyond thankful that I “held him too much”.

Next post: It’s ok that there are no pictures of you with your baby.

8 thoughts on “Hugs don’t spoil babies, leaving them on the counter does

  1. Tami says:

    Aww I love this!!!

  2. mamacravings says:

    “You can’t hold your baby too long or enough.” Best. Advice. Ever.

    Congrats on your upcoming momiversary! What a blessing!

    My little one just turned two. He is much too big to sleep on our chest. He wiggles quite a bit more when he sleeps…in fact, I sometimes wonder if I’m raising a ninja. He doesn’t fit in his sling anymore. Sometimes I miss how little he was. Somimes I wonder if I did soak up enough of that holding time and if those hundreds of pics I shot of his toes and fingers and cheeks were enough.

    They grow up so quickly. Holding and snuggling and “spoiling” is the perfect way to spend those fleeting moments. 🙂

  3. C-Mom says:

    You can never love to much and holding is the best form of loving I know of.He is not spoiled he is OTIS and we all love him even when he wont let us hold him to long anymore.

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